5 original Mumbai street food you should definitely give a try

Mumbai Street food is a delightful treat for everyone. It is refreshing, tasty and even filling! Easy on the wallet and choices unlimited, Mumbai is the ultimate street food paradise. You will find street food in every part of the city and every street corner, be it on a hand pulled cart or a bicycle. This article talks about the top 5 street food in Mumbai.

Mumbai street food is reputed and renowned all over and a visit to the city without trying your hand at it and teasing your taste buds is impossible. The city is the home of many original recipes of street and junk food found all across India. Even some of the most popular street foods originated in other cities are actually based on the existing ones in Mumbai, improvised and tweaked to better suit the palate of the people in the particular region. Mentioned below is a rundown of the top 5 street food in Mumbai.

Pav Bhaji

Pav Bhaji is one of the top favorites amongst the street food found in Mumbai. It is an original recipe from Mumbai itself and there are some of the few old stalls scattered in the city serve the best Pav Bhaji you cannot find anywhere else in India or world for that matter. Foodies visit Mumbai just for the street food. Do not be surprised if the person next to you tells you he just landed from one of the Chandigarh to Mumbai flights and the stall is the first place he hit straight from the airport. Pav is bread warmed on a skillet with clarified and “Bhaji” is a Marathi word for vegetables. So, it is basically a collection of vegetables which are squashed and cooked with flavors and seasonings. A lot of butter is used in the making of this yummy snack.

Vada Pav

Vada Pav is one thing that you will discover in each road, corner, intersection and turn. Pav is Indian for a bread bun, and the a squander loaded down with pounded potato in the middle of the bread is called “Vada”. Additionally, alluded to as a “poor man’s burger”, this simple and delicious snack is presented with fiery and sweet chutneys, browned chilies and garlic powder chutney.


Falooda is a sweet dish served in a glass. It comprises of seasoned milk, vermicelli, tapioca pearls and pieces of gelatin. Customarily made with rose-enhanced drain and embellished with rose syrup, it now has numerous varieties. Nowadays, one would even discover a scoop of frozen yogurt in the glass. This delightfully chilled glass of paradise is Mumbai form of a chocolate sundae! Badshah Falooda and juice focus is a ultra celebrated joint for eating delightful and changed Faloodas!

Pani Puri

Pani Puri is one junk food that is prevalent all over the place! It is called by many names all over India where some call it golguppa while it is also known as pushka. This ecstatic dish comprises of a round, empty browned fresh Puri that is loaded down with a blend of chickpeas, potatoes, flavors, tamarind chutney and above all zesty water made of stew – Pani. There is nothing more perfect that the burst of flavor in your mouth when you bite on the Puri. The burst of flavour and the combination of all the components will take you aback and make you not want to stop eating.

Bhel Puri

Bhel Puri is a sort of delightful chaat. It comprises of puffed rice blended with crude vegetables such as tomatoes, onions and prepared in a tamarind sauce. This nibble has a place on road okay! There are numerous varieties of this nibble everywhere throughout the nation, yet the best Bhel Puri is accessible on the shorelines on Mumbai. Kolkata puts a spin on the bhel puri and came up with a zesty and spicier version of it which they call jhal muri.


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