What are Blue Heart steroids?

By on 13th September 2017
Blue Heart steroids

It is easy to get confused with different steroidal names. They always have many names and sometimes it differs according to where they are bought from. Danabol DS is one such drug that comes with names like Dianabol, Dbol, Methandrostenolone, and Blue Heart.

The Blue Hearts steroid tablets are another name for Danabol, but it related to the same origin and molecular formula. It was first made by Dr. John Ziegler who wanted to help the U.S. Olympic Team to do well, after they were surpassed by the competitors. It wasn’t long after the drug was launched in the market that it was liked by most bodybuilders for helping them have better size and strength. However, eventually it was banned do to the amount of side effects.

What are recommended doses?

Danabol DS is an effective drug for bodybuilding environment. It helps you bulk up and acts quickly with a 5-hour half life only. This makes it one of the quickest acting steroids in the market as well.As it works pretty quick, people tend to use it at the beginning of their bulking cycle for a jumpstart.

Danabol DS is usually a good option for a jumpstart for the starters, however has worked to be quite effective in the later stages of a cycle when the person needs to break through a plateau. There are people who use the drug in the beginning for a good start and the bust through a strong plateau.

The recommended dosing of Danabol doesn’t fit all, but 20 mg is an average dosage strength that people tend to take. It is the least amount that you will like to start with. The maximum dosage level is 100 mg and that is what most users will like to take.

You can take 100 mg safely, but most people will be happy only by consuming 50 mg when they take the real thing. There are many low doses products that are not original, and Danabol DS is widely available on the black market sources.

When you take the drug for the first time you are recommended to only consume it of around 30 mg, and that is enough to let your body have the boost you need. This ensures that the side effects or issues might develop along the way that it can be taken care of.

As per the anabolic steroids, it is right to start with low doses so that you can monitor how the drug works on your body.Now that you are apprised with the facts about Danabol DS, you will know the amount of side effects too. You need to be cautious about using the drug with regard to that. You might get many drugs online on sale, but you have to source the reliable sources for your own good.No matter what drug name you buy of Danabol DS, like the Blue Hearts steroid tablets or the injectable Dianabol, you need to make sure that the product you get is original.


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