Certain Pills in the Market Today Contains 50mg of Parabolan!

By on 13th September 2017

You saw it right and read it correctly! Parabolan is one of the key ingredients in the best of the steroids business and now there are pills in the market selling Parabolan Trenbolone out there at crazy prices and superior quality to anything imagined in the past.

The whole game has drastically changed! Now these pills come with a combination of two of the most challenging and advanced type of steroids merged and condensed into one type of pill, the two types of advanced, superior and most desired type of formulations being –

  • Parabolan
  • Trenbolone

The whole new set of exercises can be dumped or minimised. People can stop eating all that nasty boiled goo for the lean, fit and powerful arms and legs, the torso that turned heads and almost snapped them without even touching them yet!

The new formulation is a hallmark of modern day, cutting edge chemistry and brings about one of the most exciting achievements of chemistry – the whole thing almost blew up in the labs, we can guess!!

Trenbolone contains 50mg of Parabolan and it’s a type of Anabolic steroid and is one of those steroids that is reserved for those that know what they are doing the most, advanced users of performance enhancing steroids are the main market of this pill and they will enjoy using it since the most powerful and most potent chemical combinations have made their way into a single pill.

The more popular version of this steroid pill is the Trenbolone Acetate which is fast acting and rapidly mixing in the metabolism of the male body.

Use by Women

Although women are free to use the drug and can use it to their advantage in a whole lot of ways – they will find problems occurring in the run possible since one of the side effects of this drug is virilisation – which means that the voice will flatten, the face may develop more hair and many other new androgynous problems may appear. Thus, use by women is allowed by medical practitioners too but not recommended due to the features of virilisation occurring later or even earlier.

Parabolan – A Key Ingredient

Parabolan is deemed safe for individual use while being sold in the market as Trenbolone Acetate with slow-releasing properties, this makes it a long runner and an old hand at the steroid markets, however, this definitely doesn’t prevent it from having side effects to it’s credit too like all other steroids in the market.

Trenbolone is known in the markets contemporarily as one of the most powerful, efficient and sure shot ways to a great body and an excellent endurance for all sportsmen and athletes and especially those who are in the advanced stages of the journey.


Thus, it may be confidently said that both the ingredients of the pill are potent and will engage the body in very strong and sure ways and ensure that it is able to beef up, endure, stay strong and be very competent in the long run as well as the short run.


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