Is Circumcision Responsible for Reduced Sexual Satisfaction and Performance in Men?

By on 10th April 2017

There are certainly great number of subjective opinions about the reduction of sexual satisfaction, sensitivity, and performance of men with circumcised penis, but are there any objective medical studies that confirm theses statements?

A Study of 4,500 Men Confirms, Circumcision Doesn’t Reduce Sexual Sensitivity and Performance

Almost 98% of the men who have undergone circumcision can enjoy the same level of sexual satisfaction, desire, and performance as men without circumcision. A study by UK-based urology journal was conducted in January for the latest findings.

In the past, various random trials were carried out by researchers from USA and Uganda to show the effect of circumcision on sexually transmitted diseases as STD and HIV. Various trials had varying recommendations, although most gave a verdict of male circumcision to be an efficient way in reducing HIV transmission, while the conclusion remained conflicted.

The latest research undertook the trials of the past because of the contradictory results. Although previous studies focusing on men circumcised in adulthood were problematic but were highly selective, and they set medical indications which circumcised infants couldn’t provide for before and after comparison in most sample studies.

The HIV prevention initiative study compared two groups of men with the same levels of sexual satisfaction and demographic profiles and performance. The new research study however undertook 4,456 sexually experienced Uganda men, age groups 15 to 49 and did not have HIV. Out of this total, two groups were made:

  • 2,210 circumcised men
  • 2,246 men who had their circumcision delayed for 24 months

Both groups were followed up after a time period of 12 months and 24 months, and then they were asked questions on sexual satisfaction, sexual desires, and sexual performance (for both circumcised men and the controlled group).

Results Achieved Driven From the Study

The results acquired from the research showed that:

  • 6 % of circumcised men reported for penetration issues (as compared to 99.4 % of controlled group men).
  • 4 % of circumcised men claimed for a satisfied intercourse (no pain), as compared to the 98.8 % of the controlled group men.

Both groups of circumcised men had more or less the same sexual satisfaction: 98.5 % at the time of registration and 98.4 % after duration of 2 years. The 98 % soon become 99.9 % for the controlled group – this difference was not significant clinically.

After six months reverse testing, a very minor but statistically significant difference was reported and noted in the penetration and pain level of the circumcised group of men. Yet this difference was very temporary and was not at all reported at repeated follow ups.

A considerable consistency was observed among the men with same age, marital status, religion, number of sexual partners, and education. Most of the men in the groups were catholic and had a single sexual partner and were educated to the primary school level.

The study showed that being circumcised did not leave an adverse affect on the men who underwent the procedure, when compared to those who didn’t take the procedure. Dr. Cornell, at Circumcision Center Procedures is responsible for performing adult circumcision, believes that, the studies with good research leave an impact on the men, reassuring them that procedure will not affect their sexual satisfaction or even performance and helps in bringing more and more men for circumcision.

This recent study by BJU International has been of great help for bringing in large scales interested adult patients for circumcision, despite the past conflicts. The findings are of course very important and are bringing awareness for promoting circumcision as an effective method of reducing HIV transmission..


The study of 4,500 men for the effect of male circumcision on sexual satisfaction, sexual performance, and sexual discomfort resulted from the results driven from random trials of male circumcision HIV virus prevention. Although most studies and trials of the past have been problematic and contradictory due to selective participants and small sample availability, but the satisfaction study that was based on these trials showed a satisfaction rate of circumcised men over non-circumcised men topped 98%. This rating is significant enough for a firm believe that circumcision in adults is for a safer living.

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