Hormonal Issues that Causes Hair Loss

Hormonal imbalance and hair loss are two things that are mainly concerned with the overly heard term, male pattern baldness. Seeing your luscious locks breaking away is quite difficult for the individual, especially for the ones whose prominent feature was their hair.

Whatever the condition might be, hair loss is such a problem that should not be ignored, even if it is caused due to hormonal disturbance or not. It is an issue that cannot be disregarded as it speaks a lot about the health of the individual who is experiencing this condition. Women who have high levels of the hormone estrogen are likely going to experience hair loss.

Telogen effluvium and alopecia areataare actually two conditions that are commonly known among the masses. However, the other aspects that are said to contribute to the downfall of the health of your hair, basically lead it to thinning. The factors like age, emotional stress, bad dietary conditions, and so on. The best solution is, nevertheless, to find the underlying cause of why you are losing your hair, so as to address it accordingly.

Women mostly face this situation when they reach their menopause, or during pregnancy, as the hormones get a little disturbed under both of these circumstances. Rise in the levels of estrogen is also seen during and after pregnancy, which is a completely natural phase. But then again, even if it is a natural and common problem, you need to understand that a certain, healthy level of estrogen would make you feel energized at all times, whereas, it’s the complete opposite when the levels are higher than they should be.

In men, however, it is seen that the male hormone, DHT, or commonly known as testosterone, causes hair loss when it is produced excessively inside the body. Therefore, it is vital for one to get their symptoms checked by an authentic hair loss clinic Dubai as soon as they feel that the hair is falling in an unusual manner.In addition to that, the people who go through this issue mainly because ofthe overproduction of hormones are liable of experiencing other changes in their body as well, which need to be taken into account as soon as possible.

There are certain medications and products present in the market that can efficiently cater to your problem without causing any harm to the existing hair on your body. Promoting balance of these elements inside the body cannot be accomplished without the help of a professional. Therefore, if you don’t pay a visit to the trichologist at your earliest, then you are simply going to prolong your specific case.The other symptoms and circumstances that cause hair loss can be temporary or may even influence the contributory factors.

Those who are inclined to hair loss have to know that excessive non-surgical hair loss treatment dubai can also lead you down to hairlessness, and in order to break yourself free from this situation, the DHT, or estrogen levels should be controlled.

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