Illinois couple involved in aiding and abetting child prostitution; could TheOneSpy app have stopped it?

The sex industry has been thriving especially in this past decade. The involvement of children in this industry has become one of the factors that it is thriving so much. Time and again cases are coming up where kids are being abducted and sold off offshore to the highest bidder for illegal sexual activities. While a lot is being done by law enforcement agencies to stop these heinous acts, it is still not enough. Parents or guardians of kids need to take extra preventive measures to ensure the safety of their offspring so that they are able to have normal and healthy childhoods which would eventually contribute to their healthy adult lives. Parents and guardians can use technology as a means of protecting their kids by installing monitoring applications like TheOneSpy application.

Here’s how TheOneSpy application can help reduce child abductions and kidnappings:

Tracking your kid’s physical location

Every child in today’s time owns a smart gadget, which makes it easy for parents to install monitoring applications on them. One of the features of these apps is that you can track the target gadgets location to point.  With kids this is especially a good feature because kids are very independent nowadays and are roaming around unsupervised. Monitoring applications like TheOneSpy application work in two ways:

  1. Send timely updates to parents of their kids’ exact location which is also being saved on an online loud storage space.
  2. Send you a notification if your kids leave the preset geo perimeter. This notification can help you get in touch with your kids and confront them about their location.

Keeping track of who contacts them

Your kid is innocent and 9 out of ten times will not be able to tell the difference between who to befriend and who not to. This is why it is important that parents use monitoring applications to make sure that their kid is not in contact with any shady people. There are multiple ways that you can track who contacts your kid:

  1. Through SMS messages; complete chat histories
  2. IM messages
  3. Social media accounts; complete access to who adds them or sends them messages online
  4. School gatherings
  5. Pen pals through email usage; downloading complete email threads.

Just know that your kid is vulnerable when he or she enters the technological world of gadgets. However you can reduce the risk by installing monitoring applications to their gadgets and show some keen interest in people they talk to and interact with.

Be aware of their internet usage

Internet may be the hub of all information shared in the world, but it is also the hub of all evil let loose in the world. Internet increased the risks of child molesters and abductors looking to increase the child sex industry. It has become a preying ground. Therefore it is highly important that you keep a close eye on your kids’ internet usage. With monitoring applications, this can be done in multiple ways:

  1. Checking browsing histories; the online storage space allotted to you through the monitoring application will download the complete history for you to view later on. This way you can make certain the sites being discovered and how to block them
  2. Blocking unwanted sites; the monitoring application allows you to place filters so that unwanted sites and unwanted advertisements and chat boxes can be automatically avoided. These filters can be in the form of complete phrases as well.

Remotely access their phones to check applications

There are always some applications that may open up dialogue boxes in the form of chat forums that your kid may be interested to further explore. However, directly checking these applications is occasionally not easy, however monitoring applications allow their users to remotely access the target gadget and check the applications being downloaded. Some applications also tend to ask for many intricate details about one’s personal life like location and access to multimedia on the phone which makes your kid vulnerable to the world. These sites can be easily blocked and avoided with monitoring applications.


Kids’ safety is being tested through time and again. However, with all the latest additions to technology, parents can rely on different avenues like monitoring applications to help them keep their kids safe and protected from prying eyes. The increase in monitoring applications market gives parents an advantage to choose from an array of applications that suit their personal needs.

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