Does Vaping Trigger Teens to Addiction

By on 8th September 2017
Does Vaping Trigger Teens to Addiction

Many parents and guardians are in constant worry of drug abuse among their teenagers. Besides alcohol and hard drugs, tobacco and nicotine intake is equally dangerous. Vaping is the use of e-cigarettes to administer nicotine or tobacco in the body. An e-cig resembles a small flashlight or a normal cigarette. It is powered by batteries and is electrically charged.

E-cigarettes are slowly becoming a favorite among teens. We know that teenagers are attracted to new trends. They tend to try out new things that have been considered cool by the society even when they are safe. The safety of vaping has been disputed in many studies. Some people argue that vaping is far much safer than smoking. As true as this is, the danger of addiction is not talked about.

E-juices are the liquids that are vaporized in an e-cigarette and inhaled to ingest the products which mostly contain nicotine. A study revealed that 24% of teens between 15-19 years vape in the US. This is an alarming trend that should get people worried. Does vaping trigger addiction in teenagers? The answer to this question is yes. Nicotine in whichever form is highly addictive.

If you look at smokers who try to quit smoking through, they are administered with small doses of nicotine to curb the withdrawal symptoms. This is because nicotine is addictive, and results in severe withdrawal symptoms. Nicotine in vapers or cigarettes is similarly harmful and addictive, especially to teenagers.

Nicotine Addiction

The brain consists of nicotine receptors that increase when nicotine is administered in the body. The more you take nicotine, the more these receptors multiply. These receptors remain intact even after quitting vaping. Teenagers are at a higher risk of increased receptors due to their tender age. The earlier you start taking nicotine, the more receptors you will have as you advance.

These receptors are the reason for addiction. They trigger the brain into needing more nicotine to quench their thirst. Teenagers who start vaping increase their receptors as they grow. By the time they hit adulthood, they are at a point of no return. They are highly addicted to nicotine and can barely function without it.

A study showed that teens are six times likely to experiment with e-cigs. The study also showed that teens who vape are more likely to become smokers. Most e-cigarettes contain a limited amount of nicotine. The transition from vaping to smoking is like jumping from the frying pan into the fire. If you have no problem with your vaping teenager, the best e-liquid to use is the nicotine-free liquid.

Vaping as a gateway to other drugs

If you see your teenager vaping or smoking and you think it’s better than doing cocaine and heroin, here is a surprise for you; studies revealed that nicotine intake is the first drug that is used by teens that do hard drugs, marijuana, and tobacco among others. Your vaping teens are highly likely to graduate to alcoholism and hard drugs.

Most teens start the habit of vaping for fun and to fit in as is common among young people trying to discover themselves. The consequences of something that first appears innocent and harmless are a long-term addiction. Studies have shown that earlier onset of nicotine intake causes more severe addiction as compared to a later onset.

Any drug is unsafe for a young, developing the mind. Nicotine has been revealed to cause problems in the cognitive development of teens. The teenage brain is more vulnerable to the dangers of nicotine that an adult brain. This is because the teen brain is yet to reach maturity. The society frowns at a drunk teen more than a vaping teen.

A vaping teen is looked at as interesting and cool. Teens are peer-influenced and recognition-driven. This recognition is what causes addiction of nicotine among teens. The acceptance of vapers by the society is the cause of addiction among teens. Do not hide your head in the sand with the thought that your teen will give up the vape with time, or it’s just a phase that he or she will eventually outgrow. You will be in shock when you discover that your teen is highly addicted to nicotine.

What can one do to prevent nicotine addiction?

The answer is very straightforward here; warn your teen against the dangers of vaping. Educate your teen as you might not be able to control his or her behavior away from home. If they come with the argument that vaping is safer than smoking, counterattack with the argument that it might be safer than smoking, but still harmful and addictive to their brains. If your teen is already hitched on vaping, you can try out therapy from health facilities and counseling. A teen that is vulnerable to drug addiction requires patience and understanding.

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