15 Engineering Fails That’ll Make You Ask “Why?!”

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Engineering is arguably one of the most respected professions in the world due to its importance in the progress of any given society; several universities are dedicated to produce experts in the field, like there are mechanical engineering universities in the US, electrical engineering universities in London, or civil engineering universities in Manila. But there are days wherein engineers lose all capability to think rationally and end up causing more problems, or as others call it, “fails”.

Here’s some engineering fails that will surely make you ask “why?!”:

#1. The Random Door 

Maybe the people in the classroom use the door as a secret passage when they’re late but how would they reach it when it’s almost reaching the ceiling?! Honestly, you’ll never guess how many schools have doors that lead to nowhere.

#2. Too Many Manholes! 

Manholes serve as passages to the sewers but there’s no need to make so many manholes in one street!

#3. Misplaced Pillar 

The support for a building is as important as its foundation but for some reason the support pillars were given more importance than the actual functionality of the building in this fail!

#4. Too Close for Comfort 

Platforms for train stations function as safety precautions as to not let the people too close to the rails or to the train itself but this fail shows us something that can definitely make us *facepalm*.

#5. Escalator to Nowhere 

Escalators are, essentially, mechanical stairs; they serve the same purpose as stairs but without the need to get tired while climbing up or down. But that’s only when the escalator has an endpoint and with this fail we can see that the endpoint of the escalator is to a wall…

#6. CCTV Fail 

CCTV cameras serve as security surveillance machines that record and save whatever happens in a certain place, but what happens when a person hangs signs on the wrong places? This happens:

#7. Stadium Wall 

Stadium engineers will surely think of the safety of the audience but when they take it a step too far, this is the result:

#8. Building Bridges 

Efficiency is important but when you’re an engineer that’s building a bridge that starts on both ends, make sure to coordinate with the other side to avoid making this fail!

#9. Aesthetic Fail 

When you’re an engineer, functionality and aesthetic appeal is important but you should also consider the “bigger” picture or else, you’ll end up doing something like this:

#10. Stairway to Nowhere 

When building stairs, make sure to always have a destination at it’s end because if it doesn’t have a destination then it’s nonsensical; like this one:

Sure these pictures are funny but if you’re the one who messed up, it’ll cost you a lot of money. So, if you’re an engineer always do your job in the right state of mind and make sure you’re well rested so you can focus for long amounts of time.




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