4 Dresses to Make Your Date’s Heart Skip a Beat This Prom

High school years are all about raging, passionate romance and prom is the perfect excuse to get close to your long-term crush. So, did your crush ask you out for prom night yet? If yes, then your happiness must know no bounds now. But along with the butterflies in the stomach, you must all be feeling all the jitters because there is the pressure of looking nothing but drop dead gorgeous on the d-day so that when he sees you, his jaw drops. And who knows, this date could even turn into a serious relationship. And even besides that, there is going to be plenty of boys around you on that night. So, make a grand entry at prom, dazzling bright in a gorgeous outfit and turn every head around you, irrespective of boys and girls.

There are quite a number of places that can offer you some of the most stunning outfits in great quality and affordable prices. Just search the internet or even ask the online shoppers to suggest you a few sites. So, here we have handpicked a few amazing dresses that will make your date’s heart skip a beat this prom. Take a look.

Off-Shoulder Burgundy Mermaid Style

When it comes to deciding your outfit for Prom Night, the first thing that you must decide is a rich color for your dress. Go for something like a warm shade of burgundy which itself will uplift your look and you will not have to do much on the rest of the look. Choose an off-shoulder gown in the mermaid style so that it hugs your silhouette beautifully and also flaunts your perfect clavicles. You can add some sequined embroidery on the bodice or the neckline inset if you want. Do a beautiful hairdo and pair your dress with lovely earrings and high heels to complete the look.

Golden Halter Style A-line High-Low Dress

Are you quite a fashionista yourself? Then, you would definitely want a combination of both, a fabulous expression of your personal style statement and something that would immediately make your guy weak in the knees. So, pick a shimmery gown in golden or ivory beige with a halter neckline and A-style cut, fitted bodice and voluminous skirt from the waist. But here lies the twist. It does not flow down till your ankles in the front. It will have a high-low style so the skirt will flow at the back till the ankles and the front hemline ends above the knees. If you want, you can even have a ruffled hemline. This will add the perfect dramatic twist to your graceful and elegant charm.

Strapless, Chiffon Gown with Sweetheart Neckline and Lace Detailing

Do you want to stand out from the rest of the crowd this prom? Then, choose an unusual color, to begin with. Generally, proms see a handful of colors like red, black, purple, and metallic hues. You should avoid these because otherwise, you will hide behind these girls. And it is extremely difficult to find a needle in a haystack. A turquoise green is a lovely color that can set you a class apart. This is not the quintessential shade girls pick on prom and yet it has an exquisiteness that should appeal t everyone. Pick a strapless gown with a sweetheart neckline that has some lace detailing. Curl the ends of your hair and let the loose strands fall on your shoulders. Wear a nice pair of earrings and a bracelet to complete the look.

So, aren’t these ideas great? So, quickly find a place where you can find such an amazing variety of short and long prom dresses and let the boys go berserk!

Author Bio: Sam Hill, a fashion blogger, here writes on 4 kinds of long prom dresses that will totally make your date’s heart skip a beat. Follow his blogs and articles to know more about prom dress trends.

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