5 Things to Keep in Mind When Adopting Labradoodle Puppies

Because of their lovable character and intelligence, Labradoodles are becoming a must-have pet dog for families and individuals everywhere. And you probably are one of those people who want these adorable furry pets to keep you company. You may have already checked the internet for where to get labradoodle puppies North Carolina and you may have come across websites like www.uptownpuppies.com which is based in North Carolina, the USA who sell well-bred Labradoodles.

However, when you go to buy your own Labradoodle puppy, there are things that you should be cautious about when taking care of them. Here are five things that you need to keep in mind when adopting labradoodle puppies.

Items needed

When you get your labradoodle puppy, make sure that you have a crate with you. A crate can serve not only a carrier but also a place for your pup to stand up and turn around in. It is also used for keeping your puppy safe in its place while you are driving or not paying attention to it.

Aside from that, you would also need a collar. Make sure the collar is also just the right size for your puppy or else it may cause discomfort. And of course, don’t forget the leash. Like babies, your puppy likes to put stuff in its mouth. So, don’t forget to buy its chew toys. Make sure to buy a variety of toys for it to chew so it won’t go chewing anything in your house like your shoes and floor rugs.


Make sure that the food you are going to feed your pup is high quality to ensure its nutrition. Do not overfeed your pup. Labradoodle puppies tend to act very hungry and eat a lot. This may result to upset stomach. Check the label of the dog food for serving suggestions or ask your vet. Also, it is best to start off by feeding it alone until it gets comfortable with its environment and companions.

Vaccine shots

Make sure your Labradoodle puppy had its initial physical check-up, its first distemper shot and its first round of deworming vaccine. A regular visit to the vet for your pup’s vaccine schedule is a must.


Do regularly brushing of your pup’s fur especially if it is starting to reach adulthood. Its little puppy fur may get tangled up with its adult fur. You should regularly check its nails for broken nails or dirt. Also brushing its teeth is needed. Make sure to use dog toothpaste. Do not use human toothpaste because it is toxic for your pup. For the meantime, you can also take your pup to professional groomers until it gets used to being groomed.


Like humans, your Labradoodle puppy needs to have exercise. But that doesn’t mean you should already walk your pup out on the streets with you. Your pup is still developing its legs and muscles. Just make sure it is doing activities like barking, chewing and little walks. You can also start by making him socialize with humans in various ages and fellow animals in various species so it will get used to them and not turn aggressive towards them as it ages. Then most importantly, your pup needs lots of sleep.

Basically, your labradoodle puppy is like a human baby. It needs to be nurtured well in its current young age to have a good and pain-free life.


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