5 Tips to Be the Perfect Belle at Cocktail Parties

Cocktail parties are semi-formal affairs, which generally ask for a dress code for both men and women. These early evening events bestow a chance for women to present themselves as a formal fashion queen. The colour and fabric options of the cocktail attire usually depend on both the season and how formal the event is going to be.

Here are 4 key tips for you to get the perfect cocktail party attire.

  • The Dress

A cocktail dress is a traditional choice for these parties. These dresses come available in different styles from strapless and flashy to more simple and conservative one. While choosing a cocktail dress, women should keep two things in mind. First thing, for sure, is her own comfort and second would be the context of the event. Make sure that the dress comes in the zone of sophistication and elegance. Although a sexier look can be appropriate, yet it is always better to stay a little conservative while choosing a dress for a cocktail party. Generally, a knee-length or slightly shorter dress is considered suitable for these semi-formal events. A skirt and a jacket paired with a dressy top without a doubt look classy, and it is very easy to get from Versace Jeans brand.

While bright or pastel shades are perfect for the spring and summer occasions, dark colours tend to look better in winters. But if you ever find yourself in doubt about the colour of the dress, always go with the black one.

  • Jewellery and Purse

A beautiful piece of jewellery that compliments the dress would definitely catch some eyes at the party. Pairing it with a large, dramatic cocktail ring could be the centre of attraction for other women on the dance floor. You don’t even have to spend a ton of cash on those expensive rings, made of precious stones. Just buy some less expensive costume jewellery made of stones like garnets, blue topaz, and others, but make sure that the stone has at least three or five karats, as the purpose of the big stone is to dazzle the eye.

Your purse should be small and easy to handle, but classy at the same time. In other words, a clutch or a stylish wristlet would be a great option to carry.

  • Shoes

High heels or boots go hand in hand with cocktail attire and include more elegance and grace to women’s persona unless they are too flashy. Dressy sandals or pretty ballet flats also work well for these parties and you can find the perfect pair from versace jeans online collection.

  • Make-up

Hair and makeup should be clean and expressed in a subtle way. Nails should be manicured and painted with the coordination of the outfit. Bright coloured eye shadows and over styled nails are a big time NO-NO!

Final Words

Cocktail parties usually require a lot of activities like dancing or hosting. Knowing the nature of the event, the person should not wear something that would make her uncomfortable during all those activities, as that can ruin the whole enjoyment of the party for you. Carrying a jacket is always a wise option, which can be removed as you arrive at the venue.

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