6 Healthy Foods That Are A Must In Your Kitchen

Food. We all love the very word, isn’t it? And now when I say tasty food, I can just see your eyes gleaming with happiness. But no, sorry, no buttery, creamy food this time. That’s right. Here I am with my list of healthy foods that will make you happy without making your diet plans sad. And with these foods I can only promise smacking lips and the taste buds wanting for more and more (And more..!!). Have a look

1. Brown Rice

Yep, you heard that right. Maybe you’ve known about it already, right? Now that you have, I can assure you that it is healthy and you’ve got to believe me. A whole grain as it is, brown rice is rich in nutrients, unlike white rice which lose almost all its nutrients during its processing. Apart from its health benefits, it is as simple as cooking rice and is available is almost as many varieties and shapes. So the next time, you’ve got a brunch, you know what to serve!

2. Oats

The first thing that goes with the word Oats very perfectly is amazing taste. And I cannot agree anymore. Oats has high fibre content that has such wonderful health benefits like cholesterol control, glucose level, better digestion and higher energy. With oats you have a series of recipes, both, spiced for your palate and sugary for that sweet tooth of yours. A hundred different versions and one ingredient. Do I need to say anymore?

3. The Nutty Nuts

The five magic nuts – Peanut, Walnuts, Coconuts, Macadamia Nuts and Chestnuts. Amazing as snacks. Beautiful for garnishing. A whole bunch of proteins and fibres. Anymore reasons? Now don’t wait. Straight into the kitchen and all for your appetite that keeps wanting more and more.

4. Merry Dairy

The dairy products. Aha. Not a day goes by, where you don’t consume milk related products in some form or the other. You know the necessity and the benefits too. But what you don’t know is that dairy meal is equal to a complete nutritious meal. And thus, they go well with your diet plan without making dieting an unbearable process. Now I guess you have every reason to binge on the numerous dairy foods out there.

5. The Greens Don’t Lie

The veggies aside, greenies have a lot of health benefits including high vitamins and fibre contents. Not only can they be used for main dishes but go perfectly healthy with salads, juices and even snacks. They are subtle, add colour and are like the best things that help you out in every way they can.

6. Dark Chocolates

Shocked? Well I was too when I knew about it. But not anymore. They are tasty and healthy. But yes, only in certain amounts. So there you go, all the benefits in one yummy thing. So now that I can see all the dark chocolate shakes, moose, biscuits, cakes and lot more, I’d better stop here.

So here is the list of foods that you’ve gotta have at home. And then would come what I call a whole wave of tasty dreams and healthy well foods. Have an entire course prepared and throw a huge healthy party to your credit.


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Happy Eating… 🙂

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