How to buy tires in Dubai online?

Tire replacement is yet another crucial part of car repair expense next to oil change and brake mechanism that’s pretty much inevitable faced by every vehicle owner. Much like every other item we purchase from small to big, buying tires online is another gig and it’s somewhat convenient since there isn’t any middleman involved in the deal.

For services like wheel balancing and mounting, you do need driving to the auto repair shop but not when it comes to buy tires in Dubai since there’re many credible online domains operated by renowned auto garages. So let’s have a look at how to shop for tires online!

Find a shop that installs too

Any online auto mechanic that actually provides installation service besides just the tire shipment is worth opting for. This is important especially if you are unfamiliar with mounting the tires or properly balancing them.

You can even negotiate the deal online before calling them to your garage which is yet another convenient fact whereas it isn’t too difficult finding such a service online. Follow reviews, official company page if you know one, look for multiple services and proceed with the deal.

Research thoroughly

When you buy tires in Dubai directly from producer’s outlet, you reap the benefit of their professional experience specific to a vehicle and tire combination. When shopping online, do read the reviews easily searchable to the car make and model as well as tire details that you’re planning to install. You can conduct online search by geographic regions as well to streamline the process and locate nearest outlet.

In general, tires costs when purchasing online are lower which is indeed surprising and you may be able to locate a local dealer providing service and installation as well. In short, best tire websites are right at your fingertips.

Double-check on the right size

Before concluding the transaction and adding item in the cart, do make sure you’ve the tire as per vehicle’s requirement especially the size. Many savvy online tire retailers are very accurate at pinpointing the right size based on the trim information, make and model so on.

It’s common for cars to ship from the factory with different tyre variations in wheel sizes and people also get confused about the speed ratings so make sure you buy the right pair to avoid inconvenience of time and money waste.

Do the math on extra costs

While calculations from the retailer’s end are error-free, do some math on your own as well including purchase cost as well as handling, shipping and tax (if applicable). Call the local tire shop from the contacts based on internet search results. With extra services such as balancing, disposing old tires, other fixes and repairs, you’ll be charged for everything because there isn’t anything such as free lunch.

Check tire warranty

Dealing directly with the manufacturer when you buy tires in Dubai comes with an advantage as you get to know the true warranty of the product which is undoubtedly true.


Buying tires online comes with many different advantages listed above so do pay close attention to the details.

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