Some Common Mistakes that Should be Avoided on Your Wedding Day

Women and make-up go hand in hand. You would hardly find a girl who does not like to apply make-up, especially on the day of their wedding. Therefore, finding the right kind of bridal make-up artist should not be treated carelessly. A good make-up artist would make you look like thousand bucks on your special day and just any makeup artist can ruin it completely.

No wedding is complete without make-up. Wrong kind of make-up can ruin your entire look. Therefore, a proper research for a good bridal make-up artist should not be undermined. There are lot of mistakes that a bridal make-up artist can end up making that you might not be even aware of. In order to save yourself embarrassment, it is important that you stay informed. Here are some tips that can help you identify these mistakes that your make-up artist should definitely not do.

Skin textures and tone

Normally during the studies, these make-up artists don’t pay too much attention on the kind of skin tones and textures that usually Indian women have. As a result, they end up making blunders. There is a make-up rule for every skin texture and colour. That is the reason there are base make-up for all kinds of skins and tones. A make-up artist should know about the skin type and colour to apply the right kind of make-up. Look for some of the best Indian bridal makeup artist in Delhi for your special day.

Skin improvisation

Not every make-up artist would suggest you to go through skin regime; both before the wedding and after the wedding to keep your skin look flawless. Your skin needs pampering, especially before the wedding. Due to various external factors like sun rays and pollution, our skin may look dull and patchy. Therefore, it is important that proper nourishment should be provided so that your skin can glow on your wedding day. Though a good make-up artist can hide all the imperfections on your face but that would result in applying loads of contouring that would give you a cakey look. In order to avoid that, you should meet your make-up artist month or two before to give a natural look to your skin.

Unmatched Make-up

good Delhi bridal makeup artist would not only do a skin analysis and provide proper treatment but also will pay attention to the jewellery and the colour of your wedding dress. Your wedding dress, jewellery and make-up should complement each other perfectly; otherwise you can end up looking like a disaster. Even if you have not finalised the dress and the jewellery yet, you would have some thoughts about them. The make-up artist should be ready to listen to all your thoughts and incorporate them as you desired.

You can make this day as a memorable one by choosing the right kind of make-up artist. But don’t take it easily. Do a thorough research and meet few to make an appropriate selection? At the end of the day, this one day will never come back again in your life. SO make the best out of it.



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