Display and processing speed of Galaxy S9 – inspired by S8

Samsung Galaxy S8 comes with the rounded corners of the display – that once you noticed when meeting with the device, but that does not affect the operation (with the time they just stop noticing). It should pick up the “old” device with a conventional screen as you realize how strange was the decision to round off the corners at the screen – so the device is perceived more holistic. Coupled with the fact that the Display “numb” on side faces looks so beautiful. Especially in black, in which the device is seems to be a single solid piece of glass.

The display of S8 / S8 + possesses a huge margin of brightness. In practice, this means that even in direct sunlight on-screen information will remain readable. Moreover, the colors are easily distinguishable; the screen does not blind. This feature of the huge margin of brightness will be shown in upcoming Galaxy S9 as well.

People made complaints about the unnatural color of the phone system of Samsung, which has now improved by the joining of AMOLED-display. It’s a very much impressive feature, also going to add in Galaxy S9, next year. For the Samsung smartphones, S8, S8+ and S9, it is now possible to adjust the display colors to suit your needs. There are a preset menu or the possibility of an option for “fine adjustment ” for individual color adjustments. It will not let go away the possibility of including a blue filter (night mode), which adjusts the display colors by reducing itself for less irritation of the eyes at night. This mode can be enabled independently, i.e., smartphone S8/S8+itself does it for you at sunset. Out of the box, S8+ works on the resolution FullHD +, which saves the battery slightly and rumour suggest that Galaxy S9 will come up with a more powerful battery technology which can save more battery than its predecessor. Gamers and VR-glasses produced a high-performance mode, transforming the screen in maximum resolution 2960 x 1440.

Also, the Samsung continue to refine Always-on Display technology. In S8 / S8 + company supplemented spectacular desktop mode Infinity Wallpaper, which combines the three states of a single style screen, one- Always-on mode (when the screen is not active), two- the lock screen (screen is activated when start button) and three- an unlocked screen. It made nice, smooth animation transitions between states, which made the Galaxy S9, inspired for bringing some other new technologies to win people, heart.

Galaxy S8 + is built on the powerful “Iron,” which can be found on the market today. For the Russian market, Samsung chose own Exynos 8895 platform, made of 10-nm process technology. The smartphone is “only” 4 GB of RAM, which is sufficient in most cases. Multitasking works are fine – even heavy applications remain in the memory for a long time (until Android itself does not eject them from there). The main thing – do not forget to periodically restart the smartphone (which is a good idea to do with any smartphone at least once in 2-3 days). In daily operation, S8 + will not annoy hang and brakes. Yes, the Samsung failed to completely get rids of jerks animation and unloading applications from memory, but it is working more judiciously to make its upcoming S9, free of these jerks animations. It has made its processor speed, coupled with the fastest on the built-in market memory as much as possible closer feel of working with the product to be perfect.

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