Experience the Serenity of the Natural Life of Ranikhet

1,829 meters above sea level and amidst the majestic mountains of the Himalayan range lies a beautiful hill station called Raniket. Not many people know it but this beautiful town is of great importance to our Indian defence forces because it houses the Military Hospital and is maintained by the Indian Army. It is said that it is known as Ranikhet because this is the transfixing place where Raja Sudhardev wooed the love of his life, Rani Padmini. When she decided to make this place her primary residential area, it got to be known as the “queen’s meadow”, or “rani ke khet”. When the place can be so charming to have joined two lovers for life, it surely should be explored in full!

If you are interested in spending some quality time in a good Ranikhet hotel stay coupled with the town’s exploration, then here are some of the places in the town that you can check out:

  1. Chaubatia Garden– Peaches, Apricots, Plums, and Apples – some of the juiciest and most divine fruits that we like to sink our teeth into care grown in this orchard. Visit this large garden that adopts the step farming method and is open to interested people for picnicking and to be as close to nature as possible. The orchards of these fruits are especially gorgeous to look at in the gardens, but there are plenty of trees such as pine and cedar that can be found too. Hiking and spotting some of the Himalayan peaks are guaranteed in your visit to this garden.
  2. Bhalu Dam– This is not a natural lake. The man-made lake was created by the British so that their soldiers, who were in India, could have a clean and fresh source of drinking water. This however continues to exist, although it is now much more than a source of clean drinking water for soldiers. Bird watchers, picnickers, and simple nature lovers can spend hours near this dam and soak in the greenery that surrounds the lake.
  3. Katarmal Sun Temple– Apart from the Military Hospital, you can also appease the devotional side of you by paying a visit to one of the most exquisite looking temple – the Sun Temple in Katarmal. As the name suggests, it is dedicated to Surya Dev (Sun God) and is built along the lines of the Sun Temple in Konark. Some of the other temples that you could include in your visiting list are the Jhula Devi Temple Binsar Mahadev Temple, and Mankameshwar Temple.
  4. Sitlakhet and Majkali– Very close to the town of Ranikhet lie these two smaller towns that are especially untouched by man and are really calm places to enjoy your holidays in. Visit these places for some of the most wonderful sunrises and sunsets that you would have ever seen. There are also a few temples that can be found in them which are known to be very good.

People who have travelled to Ranikhet have talked at length about the wonderful Ranikhet resorts that can be found aplenty, along with the exciting time they had while trekking, paragliding, hiking, mountain biking, or night camping in the town. Quite an impressive list, isn’t it?!


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