Frequently Neglected Domain Name Tips

There are many tips and trick and guides about choose and registering domain name over web. We are going to present some very easy tips and they are also often neglected by people. Check out.

Extension according to activity

There are several extensions of domains for various activities. In Reg names — domain name service, you will find a table with several categories of domains created for certain activities. For example, lawyers, accountants, teachers and certain branches of companies have special extensions. It’s interesting that you also register these special extensions, depending on the activity of your site or company.

Avoid characters such as hyphen and numbers

Avoid using hyphenated characters or numbers in the site domain, as they make it difficult to memorize and can make people confused about the site address. Characters like these can make the task of memorizing a website’s address very difficult. But do this, only if it makes some sense, putting a loose keyword in the site address can even mess up rather than help.

Some domain extensions allow for a number of other special characters. It is important that they are avoided so that the user is able to memorize the site with ease. Special characters, in addition to making it difficult to memorize, can confuse users at the time of entering the address.

Most used domain extensions

Preferably always the extension “.com “, especially if it is a website for a company. People tend to type first with the “.com” ending when they are in doubt about the address. But nothing prevents you from registering the domain with the extension “.com” or “.net”. In relation to the length of the domain, that is, of the size that it has, it is important to emphasize that the smaller the better. Short domain names are easier to decorate.

There are many sites registered with the extension “.com” and “.net” simply because people did not get a good “.com” domain. But as was said earlier, it is important that you be persistent in finding a good domain name for your website. That’s why it’s important that your domain has only words that are easy to decorate. It is important to avoid foreign words, besides, try to choose words well known by your target audience. For example, the word “geek” may be strange to a lot of people, but a website meant for technology fans could use this term in the address without any problem.

Make tests

After following all the above domain name registration tips for choosing a good domain, do a number of tests to make sure it is easy to remember and simple to type. Ask an acquaintance or family member to enter the address (no copying and pasting). In case, the person types the address in incorrect way, you said, it may be an indication that it is not simple enough. In addition to typing, ask the person to memorize, after 5 or 10 minutes ask if she still remembers the address.

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