How To Score Above 90% Marks in CBSE Class 11 Maths Exam?

How To Score Above 90% Marks in CBSE Class 11 Maths Exam?

The annual examinations are right around the corner and students by now should have finished learning the main concepts present in all the chapters of their syllabus. The CBSE conducts board exams for Class 10 and 12 only. These examinations will commence in the next two months. Students must use their time wisely while preparing for their board examinations as the marks obtained in these exams play a crucial role in determining the future of every student’s career.

In school academics, Mathematics is generally considered a high scoring subject. Students having a strong conceptual understanding of the key concepts along with good problem-solving skills can effortlessly score really high marks which directly contributes to the overall aggregate score. To strengthen concepts and become better at problem-solving skills, students only need to practice, practice and practice!

When it comes to solving mathematical problems of the current class, students must need a strong foundation of previously learnt concepts from earlier grades. Hence, students aspiring to score high marks in Class 12 Maths board examination should possess a solid knowledge of concepts in Class 11 Maths. The NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Maths is the best and adequate resource that students can rely upon for quick references, doubt clarifications and learning methodologies to solve any exercise question present in the NCERT textbook.

Here are some key benefits of referring to NCERT Solutions:

  1. All the solutions are created and designed by expert faculty members of the respective subject.
  2. The solutions are in accordance with the latest CBSE guidelines and marking schemes to aid students in fetching the maximum marks possible.
  3. Can be accessed easily in both online and offline modes.
  4. Available in all formats, i.e. subject-wise, chapter-wise and exercise-wise solutions.
  5. Precise and step-by-step procedures have been used for easy understanding of the solutions.
  6. Apt resource for revision purposes.

Apart from the NCERT textbooks, students should also use other reference books for practising problems to cover all types of models pertaining to the concepts present in the syllabus. For Class 11 students, RD Sharma textbook is the best guide to practise such problems. To learn the correct systematic approach to solve various kinds of problems ranging from simple to complex, students can make use of RD Sharma Class 11 Maths Solutions. Regular usage of this resource can extensively improve problem-solving skills and build confidence among students in attempting difficulty questions in the examinations.

Solving previous year question papers is crucial for students as it helps students analyse their weaker sections in the subject. Logical thinking associated with attempting different parts of the question paper and time management skills can be significantly developed by solving more number of practices/sample papers. Moreover, students become similar with the question paper pattern and thus allowing them to attempt the final exam in a more relaxed manner.

Lastly, it’s the amount of time invested in practising problems during the preparations that determine the marks obtained in the exam. Further, having a solid study and revision plan can absolutely ensure students score above 90% marks in the examination.

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