Why you Need the Right Equipment for Cycling

With an increased awareness of cyclists by car drivers, bike riding has never been safer, but even so, one needs to wear the right clothing to ensure riding comfort and visibility. Not only that, you need to wear suitable cycling helmet, in case you ever take a spill, and with a good pair of riding shoes and gloves, you will be ready to take to the roads.

Cycling Clothing

One might be forgiven for thinking that any old T shirt and shorts will do, until you have spent a few hours in the saddle, then you will realise why the special fabrics that are used to make a cycling jersey are so important. There are two things that can cause a rider discomfort, namely, sweat and friction, and with modern cycling attire, you can ride without suffering any discomfort. Cycling gear is tight fitting to help with the aerodynamics of riding at high speeds, and with special fabric that allows your skin to breathe, the comfort level means that even long periods of riding will not be an issue.

Cycling Gloves

Important for cyclists, a good pair of cycling gloves will prevent you getting blisters while riding, and if your bike has drop handlebars, this puts extra pressure on your palms, and without the right gloves, your hands will invariably suffer. Leather is a good material for cycling gloves, although modern solutions are made from special fabric, and with pads in the right places, your hands will be able to withstand a long riding session without any problems.


There are many accessories to help make the riding experience more fulfilling, such as a speedometer, and with digital solutions, you can easily monitor your speed and distance to help you improve your performance levels. You can buy additional water bottles to connect to the bike frame, which enables you to stay hydrated while on the move, and there are even smartphone apps that will give you a health readout, monitoring heart and pulse rates.


One should never ride outside of daylight hours without a good set of front and rear lights. LED solutions make for bright and efficient lighting, which can either be attached to the bike or can be worn by the rider. Some cycling helmets have built in flashing lights to make sure you are always visible to other road users, and if you do like to hit the roads at night, you will need a decent front light to enable you to see the road ahead.


It is essential that your shoes are comfortable and well-fitting, and with a solid tread to grip the pedals, and with the many online suppliers, it is easy to source high quality riding shoes at a reasonable price.

For safety and comfort, the right clothing and equipment is essential and with online suppliers, you can easily source the right apparel for cycling.

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