A New City a New Beginning

Swati, a resident of Uttar Pradesh has always been a geeky girl, a girl absorbed in books and all kind of academic activities. After completing her Masters degree, she rightfully got selected in the Banaras Hindu University for the M.Phil. Course. It was the most joyous moment for Swati as she got admission in on of the most prestigious universities in India and that too in her home town. Next couple of years were really demanding and fulfilling too with all its course work and dissertation. She completed her M.Phils. Within three years and got a job in Patna University as lecturer. She was ecstatic to the core, having achieved all she wanted. However, one thing that made her a bit worried and apprehensive was the fact that it was time to relocate to a new city, a new place. She has never been to Patna and now she had to face all the hassles and chaos of shifting.

So, she was in  a look out for a reliable and trustworthy packers and movers company that would take care of shifting all her belongings to Patna as she was about to embark upon on new life. Swati came to know about APM India Relocation Pvt. Ltd from her professors and friends. They all suggested her to opt for this Packers and Movers Varanasi service and gave her really positive feedback about the company. All the rave reviews made her somewhat relieved and when she visited the website of APM India Relocation Pvt. Ltd, she was really impressed. The website was very interactive and user-friendly. It gave a through idea about how this company works and how they handle the whole shifting process. So, she finally called their office number which was provided in the website. She had a nice conversation and a meeting was fixed. Next day two representatives from APM India Relocation Pvt. Ltd paid a visit and looked into all her belongings. They gave her an estimate which was fair and just and somewhat an unbelievable amount. Swati never expected to get her things shifted at such a price. She was elated and the deal was finalized.

Day before the actual shifting four APM India Relocation Pvt. Ltd staff came to Swati’s house for packing and making all the items for shifting. The professionalism and warmth of the staff made Swati relieved. She realized her belonging were in safe hands. They APM India Relocation Pvt. Ltd team packed every item with care and proficiency. Finally all the items were readied for shipment.

Next day a well-equipped truck arrived at Swati’s place and the staff of APM India Relocation Pvt. Ltd loaded all her items with care, providing extra protection so that no damage could be made to any item. They assured Swati of safe and timely shipment. She arrived in Patna next day by a flight and the truck loaded with all her belongings reached her university quarter the next day with all the possessions intact and unharmed. She has a great satisfying experience with APM India Relocation Pvt.Ltd thatstarted off her new life in Patna with a lot more happiness and enthusiasm

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