Is Your Potbellied Figure Bothering You? Take Clenbuterol And Get Your Body Toned!

This steroid is essentially a health supplement which primarily aids in boosting the muscle mass and burning the vicious fat around your navel. Apart from athletes, marathoners and professional body builders, any fitness enthusiast can take this drug with any kind of safety issue hinges. Apart from reinvigorating the various muscles of the body, it also assists in weight reductions and bringing it at par with your ideal BMI. In a specific cycle of intake, clen and yohimbine HCL and along with other supplements can be safety taken.


This drug would bolster up both your muscle mass and stimulate its growth and regeneration. You would commence to behold the beneficial consequences almost within a month after commencing the dosage. Most importantly, it acts as a veritable check on weight enhancement along with the growth of muscles and helps shape and refine the general tone of the body. Your abdominal muscles would surely begin to get visible after the completion of two or more cycles. Significantly, bulging bellies due to prolonged alcohol intake would also get reduced.

Dosage recommendations

It is available in miscellaneous forms, such as, powders, capsules, syrups, tablets and even sprays. It highly recommended that you ought not to take this supplement for a long period of time. It is absolutely safe to take clen and yohimbine HCL together during a dosage cycle. Taking it in cycle, followed by a substantial gap, is more preferable, even for professional athletes. For males, the initial cycle is for two weeks followed by a gap of a week while for females, the duration is slightly longer.  The optimal dosage of 80 mcg should not be overtaken or violated by any means otherwise repercussions might prove to be lethal and toxic.  It is also advisable to drink plenty of water so as to help in the absorption of this steroid and also flush out potential toxins.


Overdose by any means, can be absolutely fatal, with concomitantly potential consequences in its wake. Pregnant and lactating women should refrain from taking this steroid along diabetics and persons having some complication of the heart. Since, this drug is not approved by the FDA, therefore, it is mostly counseled to consult with a physician about the possible repercussions in your body, before commencing the dosage cycle.

Apart from this, a healthy dose of moderately intense workout, at least for five days a week, is an absolute imperative even while on the course cycle of this steroid. Enhancement of protein intake is also vital along vitamins and minerals. Along with this, avoidance of alcohol would to be scrupulously maintained along with cigarette smoking. Getting plenty of slumber is also a vital necessity.

The drug is available online at various online shopping portals, though it is banned in Australia. Therefore, all potential buyers are earnestly requested to consume this steroid at their own risk, otherwise, it may not suit everybody properly.


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