Why is it the right time to upgrade to a 4K TV

UHD or 4K TVs are all the rage at the moment and it could be time to get one for yourself if you are upgrading from your existing LCD or CRT TV. You might be wondering then, “but why 4k?” Well, it so happens that internet connectivity and network speeds are at an all-time high and the amount of people jumping into the Netflix bandwagon seems to be increasing by the minute. Jokes aside, here are my top ten reasons to get one right now.

  1. Affordability: UHD TV’s are the rage right now because you can essentially get them at prices for a generic 1080p TV. They offer the most bang for buck when it comes to picture clarity and offer the most resolution for the least amount of money. Also many different brands are now competing in this segment, which keeps this category fresh with new launches every few months. Because of this higher competition, even the more upmarket brands such as Samsung, Sony, LG, etc. have been forced to launch their own line of 4K TV for relatively affordable prices.
  2. Connectivity: 4K TVs in general have a wider range of connectivity than its 1080p counterparts at any given price point. They can accept a wide range of inputs all at the same time, thereby eliminating the need for getting multiple displays for other peripherals. They most of these models also accept wireless connectivity options like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth so that accessories supporting these can be easily integrated without much hassle.
  3. Viewing Experience: Since 4K TVs generally spawn in bigger screen sizes, you can sit much closer without any noticeable pixilation in the content since most 4K TVs upscale standard HD content really well. There are abundant shows that stream in 4K quality online on services like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime and are usually best enjoyed at native resolution. 1080p TV’s don’t usually support 4K content because they don’t have the needed specifications to run it.
  4. Bang For buck: 4K TVs offer the best of both worlds, a decent viewing experience coupled with good value for money. Currently upgrading to 4K is a better prospect as most content providers will soon make a switch to 4K in the near future which might render most HD TVs obsolete for content consumption.
  5. HDR: One of the most important technologies to have come out in recent times is the support for HDR in content. HDR generally stands for High Dynamic Range and what is basically does is that it improves contrast and makes the pictures a lot brighter. Most 4K TVs have native support for HDR, event the affordable variants so that HDR content doesn’t look washed out. Also TVs supporting HDR have a peak brightness of 1000 nits or more, making them substantially brighter for content consumption. One thing to note here is that HDR comes in many standards and the quality might vary with the manufacturer, so make sure that you do your research on HDR properly before getting into a hurry.
  6. Display Panels: Since there are a lot of manufacturers that are getting on the 4K bandwagon, everyone has modified the technology to crater to different types of display technologies. Different display technologies can attribute to different types of colour representation like OLEDs can produce deeper blacks while IPS can display more accurate colours. This gives the end user a ton of choice with the type of image preference that he has in mind. Thankfully, 4K TV’s comes in IPS, TN, VA, QDOT & OLED technologies and while each of them has their own quirks, one might have an advantage over the other in different use cases.
  7. Better smart TV experience: Because 4k is almost 4x the resolution from 1080p, it leads to a much better viewing experience in screens with larger screen sizes. This means that your pages and images will no longer have jagged edges or unnecessary artefacts when viewing them on the large screen area. This in turn returns cleaner images and makes the whole web experience in the web or offline much more pleasant.   
  8. Console Gaming: The console gaming market is huge at the moment and it’ll only continue to grow in the following years. This will be undoubtedly one of the biggest selling points for 4K TV’s in the near future. Consoles such as the Microsoft Xbox One X and the PS4 Pro already support native 4K gaming and they are only going to get more powerful with future generations. So to take full advantage of this, you need a 4K TV which can adequately support the full 4K 60fps experience. Also since we already mentioned HDR, games have also started supporting this technology and it can be only viewed on a 4K HDR compatible display.
  9. 4K TV Channels: Well this is still in its test phase but you should see the Indian DTH services soon including 4K channels in their broadcast. Reliance Jio should be among the first to lead the charge for this with their Jio DTH service and soon other will follow suit. TV channels in general have almost moved to Full HD and the 4K revolution is happening sooner than you think.
  10. Why settle for anything else? By now you could be forgiven for thinking that I have bias for 4K TV’s and that would be true, for good reason. This is the perfect time to get on the 4K wagon precisely because this isn’t main stream yet. 4K is still developing and it might pay off in the long run to be an early bird adopter, considering how volatile the market has become off late. The prices for 4K TV’s are extremely affordable and it might not be the case once everybody starts cannibalizing the technology. 

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