Select The Right Motor Insurance Policy And Have A Safe Journey

To protect on-road vehicles from damage due to accidents and natural calamities Motor Insurance Companies in India provide an insurance policy. As per law, availing Motor Insurance for every vehicle including a car, bike, jeep and much more is a must.

Motor insurance comes under different categories for serving various purposes as mentioned below.

Insurance for Car – As the name implies Online Vehicle Insurance issued for protecting the car users by providing coverage to the losses incurred to the car during an accident or theft. Make sure to understand the excellent options given by different insurance companies in India.

Bike Insurance – All motor vehicle that has two wheels namely front and back such as bikes, mopeds, and scooters fall into this category. The insurance features remain the same as that of a car.  Obviously a less premium.

Vehicles used for a commercial purpose – Buy Vehicle Insurance Policies Online for vehicles used for business purposes. This insurance helps vehicle drivers from paying lump sum money for the damages caused.

Injured Person Insurance Coverage – This category helps the third party who got injured due to the accident happened using your car.

Under the Comprehensive insurance policy, the owner of the vehicle gets protected from spending money to the person who got injured. However, Motor Insurance Policy does not cover if the driver is found to be drunk and has no valid license. Also, the vehicle usage goes against the law and when an accident does not happen in India. Primarily to save yourself from paying for the losses you must avail a motor insurance for your vehicle. Plus, it is prudent to compare insurance policies before choosing one.

Benefits Of Buying A Motor Insurance Policy:

  • Cashless settlements
  • Covers Depreciation
  • Covers Engine damage
  • Round the clock customer support
  • Helps to tow the vehicle from the accident spot.

Steps To File The Claim

  1. Submit an estimate to the company you have insured your vehicle about the loss occurred to your vehicle
  2. Along with the claim form, provide the FC for the vehicle, DL, RC book, Police FIR, and the repair work bills.
  3. The insurance agency will send an engineer to inspect the vehicle.
  4. Based on the report they submit the insurance organization will check and fix a compensation amount.
  5. Once the insuring agency completes the task, the case moves to the advocate and court confirms the settlement.

Tips To Effectively Utilise Motor Insurance With An Optimum Premium

  • Check for all available discounts across all motor insurance companies.
  • Stay in touch with automobile associations.
  • Don’t forget to mention your profession for government employees and few others can get some discount in paying the premium.
  • Use an anti-theft instrument in your vehicle to prevent robbery.

A number of online services offer  insurance compare quotes of different Motor Insurance Online. Be aware that this simple comparison would save you more than 55% cost on your premium. Extensive options available on rates come to us to compare all under one roof to benefit from your Motor insurance policy.


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