Stone Care Basics

To care the stone used in your house you must follow the below mentioned do’s and don’t

Things That You Should Do To Clean the Stones of Your Home and Office

1. Do not allow the cleaning companies to bring their cleaners at your home and provide your own floor cleaner and bathroom cleaner to ensure good and quality cleaning. Generally, when the companies use their own cleaner there are chances that these stone care products contain acids that will etch the stone.

2. It is always good to remove any spill as son and as quickly as possible.

3. Place mats and plan a shoe remover on the entry. Less use of shoes on the floor gives the floors clean and great look.

4. Plan weekly and bi-weekly cleaning. Your cleaning strategy should include three important components:

  1. Vacuum or a way to sweep

  2. Mopping system

  3. Cleaning solution that do not need rinsing

5. Check the vacuum and ensure the vacuum cleaner doesn’t scratch the floor.

Avoid using white vinegar miracle cleaners that are advertised on late night shows. These products may etch the stone and demands repolish on your stone.

Things That You Should Not Do To Clean the Stones of Your Home and Office

1. Never mop with only using water as it will cause streaking. Find a product that need not be rinsed and can be left to dry.

2. Never use the dilution ratio as mentioned on the stone cleaner and use a bit stronger dilution ration as directed on the cleaner.

3. Its good to apply sealers on your stone.

All the calcite based stones like travertine, onyx, marble etc gets affected by low ph liquids. They causes etch on the stone and will require abrasive powders, polishes to clean. There are many stones that are very soft and get scratched easily. It is recommended not to roll heavy furniture like piano on the stone flooring as it can cause deep marks on the floor.

At last it is must to evaluate the type of finish your stone professional is going to provide. A major part of restoration comes because of misapplied sealer. It is also suggested not to use crystallization where wool pads are used to heat the floor.

There are several good and quality stone cleaners available online at very cost effective and reasonable price. These products do not give any etch on the floor after the cleaning is done. Read the reviews and buy the best stone cleaner to give a shiny look to your home floors.

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