Tips of Becoming a Good Spokesperson

In multinational companies big decisions are generally taken in front of media by calling a press conference but interacting with media is not everyone’s cup of tea. So these multinational companies generally look for person who are good in these and they are paid a well amount for a single session. In these article I am going to show you about how to become a good spokesperson.

  • Understand the questions:

The basic thing is one should first carefully listen to question and then we should prepare our answer. Don’t be afraid of them. If you are afraid you will get nervous. But a good press firm will first handover you the type of questions beforehand only. And a good spokesperson always gives an opportunity to other person to ask the questions they desire.

  • Pauses are your best buddies:

This I am saying that because you have seen many times in TV that when any spokesperson is addressing to media or journalists, they generally write down or type whatever you say so, if you speak slowly or with pauses at some definite intervals then they would be able to understand you more better. I am not asking for a huge silence but just some pauses at the completion of a topic that’s all.

Good Spokesperson

  • Answer the questions smartly:

Always answer the question what they ask for but never decline to answer a question because it is the only thing that frustrate media and you can’t imagine what their outcomes would be. I know there would be situation when you don’t know the answer don’t get nervous just tell them truth and they will understand it.

Answer the questions smartly

  • Communication should be clear and concise:

In our school time we have given presentation many times and it is very natural to get nervous. So, when you’re nervous take a deep breath and think about what you want to say and maintain your coordination with your brain and mouth and speak fluently so that you can get the attention of audience.


  • Be focused:

When you are speaking on any topic just try to maintain your lead on that topic only don’t get side tracked it is okay for 3-5 minutes because you are not only here to speak only. This little distraction can help you to build your relations also. Just hit 3-5 sentences in humorous way and get back to your topic.

Be focused

So guys, now you are knowing the key tips of a spokesperson if you want more detail information about it you can check out some great books available at attractive Flipkart offers and Flipkart deals.

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