Tips for Cooking Indian cuisine easily

Potato is a very prominently used vegetable in India an Indian curries can’t do without this popular ingredient. Adding potatoes to the vegetarian curries or even meat and poultry is an age old tradition.

Outrageously dum aloo is one of most consumed curry recipes of Indian cooking. It is said to be a saviour of the kitchen as and when guests visit out of nowhere. It is prepared with baby potatoes and dum aloo recipe in hindi or multiple languages are easy to learn and make.

Here are few tips to make Indian cooking easier.

Main Dishes

Typical Indians savour rice or parathas or flat bread with gravies.  From breakfast to around lunch time a curry is suitable for and traditional cuisine. Especially one has to be aware of the vegetables at home to prepare curry.  It’s because vegetables ideally are rich in nutrients. However cooking potatoes for curry is easy to make because it requires only two main ingredients. Potatoes combined with rice can make any delicacy delicious.

Therefore, a typical Dum aloo or aloo dum is one of the easiest and tastiest ones to be prepared for a main course. 

Pressure cooking

 If not for gravies potatoes can be used with rice to preparer pulao or biryani. Cooking rice with beans, rajma, chole while pressure cooking potato along with it is also a feasible option. Potatoes cook faster in pressure cooking and it doesn’t take longer for you to arrive on that fluffy dish with desirable potatoes that tickle your taste buds. 


Baked potatoes can also be used along to knead dough for rotis and tasty aloo parathas would be on your plates in no time. Aloo parathas are being consumed by north Indians and is rooted to the traditional values of their customs.

Make a Note of Diversities

Any dish with a dash of diversity can add variety. For example, dum aloo recipe in hindi shows up an array of options and ways in which it can be prepared differently. By preparing the same dish in diversified ways helps you to create a variety of regional or native cuisine and relish them without getting bored. Besides it saves time as the dish is loved by many in India to savour with chapathi or flavoured rice.

A Punjabi dum aloo is the same as Kashmiri dum aloo but the only variant would be using kashmiri chillies or spices while preparing. The Punjabi cuisine is rich in butter or Makhan.

Therefore, all of these traditional cuisines native to the Indian subcontinent depend on the range of diversity in terms of soil, climate or culture. Each of the ethnic groups uses locally available ingredients and that’s how these cuisines vary substantially but not entirely.

Understanding Similarities

Basics remain the same while cooking Indian cuisine. Given the list of Indian cuisine one may say that it encompasses a wide variety of regional cuisine is influenced by religion, cultural choices and traditions. All of them utilize the locally grown spices like chillies, fennel powder, cardamom, ginger and garlic, cumin or coriander powder.

However in southern part of India coconut is used as an essential garnish that is quite rare compared to other parts of the country.


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