Are the Traditional Recruitment Methods Outdated?

With campus placements ruling the roast, the students are forced to rely on them for their future considerably. It is a difficult task to come across the right candidate on the part of the recruitment team to choose the right candidature on the basis of a mere interview. The onus is on the recruitment team to choose the best candidate who can contribute to the success flagship of the company. For this reason, they need to ensure that the time and effort which they put into the employee is really worth the effort. To find an individual equipped with necessary skills is not easy, but technological advancements, an online test can be of help. Let us now analyse the reasons on why it is the perfect solution for an interview.

The traditional methods in operations

What happens in a traditional test is a written test, followed by a group discussion.and technical rounds if the job demands. This covers the entire gamut of the interview process. The direct cost of interview is involved, coupled with the travel, accommodation and other logistical costs. A lot of time, effort or resources are involved in the traditional methods which is seriously not short of drawbacks. The same results can be achieved with the help of online test for software engineering, where the candidates get an opportunity to showcase their talent on a common platform. If this process is adopted the recruitment team is in control over the overall interview procedures or modules. The best part is that the process is full proof and only the cream candidates emerge in the process.

The drawbacks expected to counter

The general logic is that the traditional methods is the best resource when a personal meeting with the candidate is desired. But the new methods are also interesting at the same time. The traditional methods like writing your exam on a piece of paper have long been outdated and there is no scientific logic behind it. The approach is more rejection centred and the objective of bringing out the best in terms of objective test is ignored.

If you consider the current state of campus interviews, you will find that they are nowhere related to the job in question. Most of the recruitment teams adopt a conservative approach and do not take a liking to any form of changes. With the passage of time, the traditional methods will lose its value.

Research points to the fact that a multinational company, on an average, hires around a major section of people each year. This figure is a lot considering the fact that the traditional recruitment process follows the old paper and pen formula. For this reason, different assessment tests in the form of OOPs concept online test have emerged. This along with other skill tests and a group decision figures out whether the candidate will really do justice to the job or not. By this process a lot of time, and valuable time will be saved on the part of the recruitment team.

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