Some Useful Tips to Decorate Ravishing Fruit Basket

Now no more gifting a fruit means that the person is either ill or is pregnant. You can apply this principal idea to universally if you want to gift someone. Even you can simply craft a basket and deck it up with lovely hued fruits. The vibrant fruit colours altogether give a gripping feel to the basket. Not only has that, it will also elevate the beauty of the dining table as well. But now, if you want to design a basket on your own, then you will have to learn the technique of ornamenting the fruit basket.

  • Choose the base material of the basket

It would be fair enough that if you select the cane made ones. Now in case if you think that it is that much resilient to bear those fruits, then surely you can drop this idea and fix a wooden tray. It will be long lasting and sturdy as well to bear the weight of the fruits. Not only that you need to not restrict your addition, you can quite a good number of fruits as well. Now you can choose anything like pots, flower containers, pails, or bowls. From this, you can form an idea of sending fruit by post to your friend. Certainly, this will be one of the best gifts for him or her.

  • Decorate the interior of the basket

In order to decorate the interior, you can either choose to have any velvety or glossy coloured paper. Simply glue that to the base of the basket. Or else you can even choose to add a think cushion in case if the container is a bit deep. Now these fillers will actually cushion the fruits from falling off. In addition to that, you can even use cellophane paper and can deliberately use the spray painting to add some freshness to the traditional look.

  • Beautifying the handle

Obviously, eyes will also catch the decoration of the handle as well. In addition, you should focus earnestly to make it look stand out. To imbibe such sharpness to the look, simple wrap the handle with any colour ribbon (just use any vibrant or pastel shaded ribbon). You can even tie multi-hued silk fabric flowers along the handle of the basket as well. Not only has that, small beads clubbed with bows will actually give a sharp and quirky appeal to the basket.

  • Extra things to add to the basket

It is your lookout how to decorate the fruit baskets. To make the basket more convincing, you can even decorate it with some additional items. Like putting some coloured candles, or scented flowers. Even you can keep some small nut packets like almonds, walnut, or cashew nut. And, it is to say that, the fruit basket is surely one of the best ideas that you can always have.

Therefore, these are some of the fruit basket ideas and these not only are innovative but also swing freshness to the traditional idea of gifting fruits. The above said elucidates that how you should move on with the decoration. But you can experimentally add new things as well.

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