Using Internet Radio Apps

There is an endless list of internet radio apps. While there are some popular radio streaming service apps, people still like to check the other apps to see if they find something of their choice. There are some basic features that one looks for in internet radio apps. Most of these apps have some features in common while the new ones are still working on these.

Features of internet radio apps:

  1. Most apps have an endless list of radio channels to let you tune in with a variety of genre and different types of music. Once you have chosen a song to play, the only controls you have is to play, pause or skip forward. In most apps, it is not possible to rewind or even select a song of your choice to play.
  2. Some apps offer free options which will have ads. If you prefer to avoid ads, then you may have to take the paid version of it which could be some times for a limited time also. Some apps even offer options to skip but will have a limit of count per hour.
  3. There is a possibility of offline listening in some apps. Some offer this only for podcast, while some offer it for premium packages or free options upto certain number of songs.
  4. Most of these apps are available on most types of gadgets with operating systems like android or windows or iOS, Xbox, PlayStation, Amazon Echo, Black berry etc.
  5. Most aps recommend you some music and channels based on what you list.
  6. There is no special requirement of internet radio software to listen to music. One can even log into some popular apps through your PC or browser and even tune into your local stations by avoiding the hassle of tuning and searching for frequencies.
  7. Some popular radio apps also allow you to start your own channel ontheir app. This gives a great opportunity to the beginners to show case their talent.

Making an internet radio app

Studies reveal that there are about 75% of people who use internet radio to listen to music and are even growing drastically. With the easiest way to access it through mobile, many people use apps. So, is you are looking to start your won app, here are some tips to that to get some hitsradio:

  1. Let your app be personalizable with options of being able to choose the genre and music type, options to like or dislike and even ability to skip the song. This will enable listeners to avoid time listening to unwanted music and even you get an idea on what is loved.
  2. Have options of monthly subscription and avoid too many ads.
  3. Be local but get global in your approach. Have options of internet radio news along with music and other genre.


With options of many internet radio free online, starting your own app is always going to get you a big opportunity and a chance to showcase your skill as well. However, keep some basic points in mind while you create your app. Keep the simple and user friendly too.

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