Why Wear a Cycling Jersey?

There are a few reasons why it’s important to wear a cycling jersey as a cyclist, so if you’re getting into cycling and you haven’t got around to investing in a couple of good quality cycling jerseys, it’s about time that you started looking into your options and get yourself a quality jersey from a leading brand. Here are some of the many reasons why it’s important to wear a cycling jersey when cycling.

Cycling Jerseys Help You to Stay Safe

A good quality mens cycling jersey will help you to stay safe on the road in several ways:

  • Visibility – It’s very important that you are visible to motorists and others on the road at all times. Many accidents occur when motorists can’t see cyclists, often because of the time of day or because they aren’t wearing high visibility clothing, so make sure that the jersey you choose is a colour that can easily be seen.
  • Body Temperature – Because cycling jerseys are made of special material they play a very important role in helping cyclists to maintain a comfortable body temperature and prevent overheating. As you can imagine, it can get very hot on a bike in the middle of the day, so high-quality jerseys are made with specific climate conditions in mind. That means you can select a warm jersey for winter and a cool jersey for summer.
  • Sun – In addition to preventing you from overheating, which can be very dangerous depending on your age and health, quality cycling jerseys also help to keep the sun at bay. The materials that quality jerseys are made from reflects the sun’s rays rather than absorb them and if you want to keep the sun off your arms you have the choice of buying a long-sleeved jersey.

These are three of the many ways that wearing a high-quality cycling jersey when you’re cycling helps to keep you safe.

Cycling Jerseys are Designed for Cyclists

Unlike everyday clothing, cycling jerseys are specifically designed for the needs of cyclists, so you can ensure that you’re going to be able to give a maximum performance throughout your ride. Jerseys, like cycling shorts, are designed to reduce friction and cover you while in the cycling position, plus they have specially designed pockets so that you can take money and your keys with you and not have to worry about attaching them to your bike somehow.

As you can imagine, wearing a cotton shirt becomes uncomfortable after a while and if you had to wear shorts with pockets to store your keys and cash, you’d really feel that friction over time! Essentially, quality cycling jerseys from leading brands are designed to ensure you’re as comfortable as possible, that you can bring what you need with you and that you can focus on the ride.

To sum things up, cycling jerseys are an essential item if you’re to go on long rides as they keep you safe, help you to maintain maximum performance and are designed with the needs of cyclists in mind.

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