Remove Fear from Your Life with the Rudraksha 9 Mukhi Bead

Wearing a rudraksha bead increases the quality of life of the person. It has power to increase the strength of the mind.

Power of Goddess Durga

The nine mukhi rudraksha is symbolic of the Goddess Durga. It gives the wearer protection from premature death. The self-confidence increases and the persons who wear it do not feel any stress in his or her life.

From the astrological viewpoint, the 9 face will remove the malefic effects of planet Rahu.

Diseases you cure with the 9-face rudraksha

The power of the mind helps you overcome the metabolic force. You can tackle a host of ailments by wearing the bead.

  1. Helps you tackle epilepsy
  2. Get help for abortions
  3. Removes diseases of the brain
  4. You get relief from diseases of the sexual organs
  5. Gives good health to the eyes
  6. Cures problems of the breast
  7. Get rid of ailments of the lungs
  8. Gives you control of the pituitary glands of the body
  9. Helps control the pineal glands
  10. Helps you conceive

People who benefit from this rudraksha bead

People whose jobs take them face-to-face with death should wear this bead. It gives them protection and improves their courage. Similarly, if the woman of the house gets too much tension, then she will benefit by wearing this bead.

People who have unexplained fears or have developed phobias can use the bead to get rid of the unneeded emotions. You develop better concentration and overcome physical weakness.

For people who have depression, the nine face bead will help. Use the 9, 10, and 11 mukhi combined to get protection.

Rules to observe

One must not touch the bead with dirty hands. You must perform the purification pooja and the empowerment pooja prior to wearing the bead.

Mantra to say: Om Hreem Hoom Namah

Similarly, one must not have sex with the bead on. One must not eat meat while wearing the bead. Say the beej mantra 9 times each day while wearing and removing the bead.

Benefit of wearing the nau mukhi rudraksha

  • Brings wealth
  • Good for housewife and working women
  • Makes powerful and self-confident
  • You become dynamic
  • Removes the fear of death
  • Success is assured
  • The destructive effects of Ketu will disappear
  • One can master foreign languages

You have the blessings of Lord Bhairav. Be sure to clean the bead and keep it in the place where you do your pooja. Check with the astrologer for the positive effect on the horoscope before you wear the bead.


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