Valentine’s Day 2016: More than Just Roses

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, everything you can think of is Red. Red roses, red chocolate box, red heart shaped balloons, red decorations. In fact, you start seeing things in red all around because we have made it a symbol of love and romance. Although red flowers specifically speaking, red roses are typical depiction of your intense feelings for the loved one, but you might think to go a different road. This time, you might want to take the chance you might want to take the risk of going a unique way to express your feelings to your partner.

Here we also think the same that you must choose unique set of flowers bouquet for delivery to your loved one in order to be different. However, it is only good to take risk if you truly think your recipient would take it positively. So, here are a few breathtakingly gorgeous flower bouquets for Valentine’s Day that are not just Red Roses.

Iris & Freesias

Can you think about this bright colored unique set of floral arrangement on Valentine’s Day? Well it is a fantastic flower bouquet for such a chirpy occasion and to express your love in a different way.

24 Classic Carnations

If you think that giving something other than roses would steal the excitement of the occasion? Check out this bulky bouquet of colorful carnation flowers. These vibrant colored blooms would certainly make it well on Valentine’s Day.

Butterfly Bliss

It is another bright colored, chirpy assortment of carnations in orange, pink, yellow and purple shades. These joyful colors are the depiction that you really care about the happiness of your loved one and want to brighten her life with your love. The three keepsake colorful butterflies are a fun addition.

Sunny Smiles Bouquet

It’s a charming bouquet assorted with shiny sunflowers, hot pink germinis, pretty hypericum berries, and radiant alstroemeria with a slight touch of pink roses. The bouquet is a luscious presentation for a joyful occasion like Valentine’s day.

Spring Charm

It is an eccentric flower arrangement with exotic purple Germini, cozy white Chrysanthemums, moonlight carnations, yellow roses and tulips and a unique touch of purple Trachelium flower. This is a ravishing bouquet that you can choose for a unique Valentine’s Day gift for your lovely partner.

Luxury Lilies

It is an elegant presentation of sweet colorful lilies beautifully assorted in a stylish way to be presented to a loved one on Valentine’s Day. No wonder this fascinating color combination of Asiatic Lilies would make a delightful replacement for roses on Valentine’s Day.


This is a blushing contrast of pink colored flowers in a sensuous floral arrangement. The bouquet combines Pink Oriental Lilies, pink roses, and Hot Pink Gerbera making it a classy flower bouquet for Valentine’s Day.

Spring Tulips

Tulips are considered to be a sophisticated form of love. This luscious collection of tulips of different colors in a single bouquet would certainly inspire your loved one towards your deep feelings. It can be a fantastic arrangement for a valentine gifts pakistan surprise for your loved one.

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