Indian Handcraft – History, culture, categories, and specialty

Indian wooden crafts are gaining much popularity and are widely used by many people nowadays. Indian wooden crafts are not just used by Indians but are also popular at international level. As India has rich and heritage culture, it is no wonder that Indian craft items reflect that tradition and culture. Indians are firmly believed in the adage “Unity in diversity.” It is not surprising that Indians are living in different states and speaking the different language as they are in different states.

They are efficient in creating anything especially handicraft items. As every state has a different state of culture, every handicraft item will reflect their culture. This is why Indian craft works are being used by international people too. A variety of aesthetic wood-based amenities are available in India. These woods are widely used for creating furniture, household items, and craft works. Because of their artistic value, flexibility and durability, it is used for craft works.

Types of wood

There are two types of wood such as softwood and Hardwood, and they are classified based on the strength and flexibility. Some of the major woods include ebony wood, Walnut, mango wood, Ceder, Shisham, White wood, Walnut, Shisham, Arun, Rose wood, Alexwood, Babul, bamboo, banyan, Benteak and much more. These types of woods are widely used for making the variety of craft works such as decorative works, gift items, utility item, wooden elephant, wooden toys and other such aesthetic decorative items. There are many online wooden handicrafts items available in the online shops. Some of the popular ones are listed below

  • Axlewood – It is hard, strong, rough and tough, but it does brag an excellent finish.
  • Babul – It takes up a beautiful and smooth finish. This wood is being used for making products such as bullock carts, wheels, tool handles, agricultural instruments and much more.

 Five categories of the favorite wood crafts items.

  • Wooden sculpture and statue: some of the widely used handicrafts are god figure, figurine, chess set, wooden statue, wooden elephants, showpiece and similar endeavors.
  • Wooden utility: Wooden carving also comes under this category. Some of the famous wooden utility is the spoon, bowl, clock, wooden coaster, clock paper, photo frame, mobile holder, key chain and similar endeavors.
  • Wooden furniture: wooden furniture is mainly made of teak woods, bamboo and rose woods. Online wooden handicrafts product such as wooden jharokhas, the wooden figure, carving beds, photo frame, letter holder, key holder, flower vase, wooden box are available in the online shops. Other beautiful choices include flower pots, corporate furniture, carvings and much more.
  • Wooden gift item: some of the gourmet choices are wooden Gurkhas, a wooden figure, photo frame, letter hold, flower pot, pen stand, photo frame, mobile stand, ball pen, office set and much more.
  • Wooden corporate gift: It is no wonder that many of the multi-national companies have started using the wooden corporate gift. As the corporate gifts are reflecting the traditions of their company, these gifts are widely used by them. Asoka pillar, paper cutter, paper weight, mobile stand, office set, ball pen, visiting card holder, clock, coaster, pen stand and similar endeavors.

No doubt Indian handicrafts are so rich and popular around the world.


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