Know More about Fake vs. Real Pearls

Fake vs. Real Pearls

When pearls made a comeback, it was a major one. You can get an idea about how major it has been through those large and oversized pearl earrings. These must have invited the thoughts of buying pearl jewelry. But before you step into a store, get yourself acquainted with the history of these.

History and pearls 

  • Pearls are the oldest gemstones in the world. Also, it is the only one which is delivered to the consumer without any cutting or polishing. Unlike other gemstones, it does not have to go through a lot of processes. These symbols of purity come straight out of the mollusc.
  • The Greek mythology claimed pearls to be the tears of joy shed by Aphrodite, the Goddess.
  • During the British era, pearls were meant to be with only being royal and noble people.
  • Indians too believed that pearls were the tears of gods and that the gates if heaven ate made of pearl.

Pearls can be given as a gift of love on the day such as mother’s day, valentine day, birthday, wedding day, anniversary day etc. If I talk about teenagers, pearls can be the best jewelry to wear on special days such as farewell, graduation parties, proms etc. From past several years ago, the trends of the pearl jewellery have been changed a lot. Today, you can find as many options for pearl jewelry.

These facts surely would have tempted you to own this beauty. Another important thing you need to know is to distinguish between fake and real pearl. Here are some of the ways in which you can do so:

  • Observe the pearls beaded into the necklace properly. If you find that all the pearls do not have the same shape, size, and luster, its fine, but if not, it may not be. The natural pearls cannot resemble each other exactly after all.
  • No matter how the weather is. Touching natural pearls always give a cooling sensation.
  • Take two of the pearls and try rubbing them against each other. They must not feel right, andpearl powder should be produced. You can also try to scratch the pearl with your nails if you see the pearl powder they are absolutely real.
  • Drop the pearl from a height if 60 centimeters on a glass. The real Pearl’s should rebound back to a height of 35centimetres. The game pearls won’t be able to rebound to even half the height.
  • Real pearls, when kept into acetone solution, do not lose the luster while the game ones do.

Pearls are mostly white colour stones that are obtained or extracted from ocean beds. These are generally found growing inside a living organism.

Shellfish is a type of oyster which is aquatic in nature and found in the ocean beds. These shellfishes consist of an additional covering of shell in which these pearls are found growing. Pearls stones appearround, small, and glittery, which makes thesestones look amazingly beautiful and favoured for making jewelry.

Therefore, before buying any pearl, always try out the above tips to ensure that you are buying an original one and not a fake one.

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