Antler Velvet Spray – How it works?

By on 31st August 2017
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The antler velvet spray helps to increase muscle growth and heighten libido along with other health benefits. For the drug to work it should have high quality ingredients such as minerals, amino acids and the most important of all the IGF-1 hormone when all of these potent essentials combine then only an effect can be seen on the user. The above ingredients are also combined with other herbal ingredients which are added to give additional benefits as mentioned on the labels of the drug. As a user these terminologies would be alien to you and you wouldn’t know and its better you should go on an expert opinion on this. Many people have admitted to using a spray.

What to watch out for

People would read reviews which may been paid for or are not regular users of the product, these may just be marketing gimmicks and it’s better to through reviews which are detailed in nature stating both the pros and cons clearly and how it works.

  • Check out the country of origin
  • Number of ingredients
  • There are many other animals with antlers so there are chances of them being used, so buyer has to be aware.
  • Do a background check on the seller or pharmacy selling antler spray before you venture to buy.
  • Dietary standards, quality control etc. Have to be looked into.
  • Dosage recommendations and the potency of each dosage have to consider.

But at the end of the day, the reason IGF supplements are used, the form and the way they taken makes all the difference. It is beneficial for treatment purpose and short-term usage for athletes is helpful but over dosing and long term use might prove to have negative effects

Healing benefits – Use of IGF helps post workout healing happen faster, thus resulting in more time and energy to workout.

Side effects of antler velvet spray

Since it has not been tried on humans and not certified by the FDA, for a particular treatment of disorder or disease in humans, it cannot be validated.

Certain sources claim that short time consumption may not have ill effects on the body. As all drugs will have certain effects on individual to individual basis pertaining to health conditions, diet, medications or drugs, alcohol and other factors suchas age and lifestyle will definitely be a parameter in assessing how the effect of the drug would be and results would vary. Many people have admitted to using a spray.

Antler spray drugs don’t come cheap if they are made with authentic ingredients as stated in the label so that could also be the deciding factor while purchasing the drug.

Though the antler velvet has been around for ages and used in traditional medicines in south east Asia and china for treating various ailments after drying and grounding into powder for high blood pressure, improving eyesight, treatment of cholesterol, reduction of stress, bone and joint issues including osteoporosis, erectile dysfunction, headaches and also treatment of anaemia.

There will be a number of reviews extolling the benefits of antler velvet spray but it is through a thorough research and homework on your part to get hold of the genuine stuff and the review that comes with it.

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