Cancer Treatments and Health care in India

Treatment in India is overtaking the other global destinations known for medical tourism.  A research revealed that 30% share of foreign medical tourism comes to India making it the top-most destination by patients from all around the developed nations.

Outnumbering the medical tourism of all countries combined together India is even attracting patients from neighbouring countries like Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka.

Latest facilities have been adding to the already shining reputation. Cancer patients seek treatment from India and look for India doctors for consultation mainly because of this ongoing trend. An example for this is ever increasing demand for prostate cancer treatment in india.

Patients also flock for healthcare services apart from complicated diseases like cancer. Here is why medical tourism in India is booming.

Online Services:

Internet has given the scope to the consultation experts with patients from major overseas sources including Africa, Middle East, and the Persian Gulf countries seeking health care treatments in India. Online services packages are on a rise with pre-surgery recommendations and post surgery help provided by specialized hospitals and clinics.

Round the clock services: The cities such as Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkata, Pune operate round the clock. In the year 2015, the highest number of patient flew from foreign countries for treatment in the Mumbai hinting at the onset of flourishing medical tourism.


India is a democratic country where anyone is allowed to exercise their right. Most of the procedures that help one lead a healthy lifestyle are legal in India. There are treatments that are not accessible by people staying in their own countries or the procedure may not be legally approved such as bariatric surgery, plastic surgery including getting new implants as a part of enhancing your beauty. Therefore, many who is devoid of such procedures in their countries fly to India to fulfill their wish.

Convenience: Medical tourism is the fastest growing sector in India hence proper care is being taken to accommodate guests who visit for the sake of surgeries or any other procedure. A week or month long package with a detailed break-up is provided by hospitals that offer to take care of the patient’s stay. They make sure the individual is provided means of transport to move around. A longer stay will also include multiple therapies like prostate cancer treatment in india or any other healthcare treatments.

Budget: Treatment in India is not expensive yet offers every bit the standard provided by highly accredited International hospitals. Any budget will be more than sufficient to provide quality service to the patients seeking one or more medical procedure. IF you want to make the stay a luxurious affair you can choose from the 2-star or 5-star facility of hospitals or you may even settle for a normal facility at the lowest possible cost.

A range of packages with a variety of procedures is thus sought by the wealthy as well as those who belong to the economy class. On the other end competition within the Indian market has kept the Indian Medical tourism standard high implementing the latest of the technologies.


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