Digital Marketing Tools That Will Make Your Life Easier

Digital marketing opened a new horizon of possibilities for entrepreneurs and companies of different sizes and niche markets. In addition to the relative ease to start investing your efforts in the digital environment, there are a multitude of tools that can assist you in several ways: monitoring, management, analysis and so on.

New digital marketing tools appear daily, but we’ve prepared a list of the top platforms that can help you in some way. Surely you may know one or two tools that we include in our list, but be sure to check all that are shown. Possibly you will find something new to use in addition to the online affiliate software!

1. Adbeat

This is a business tool that allowsyou to see all ads made by private advertisers. This will notonly help you with your online strategy, but it may cause you tofind competitors you did not even know about. The initial package is $ 99.00 per month but you can evaluate the program for free for 30 days.

2. AdGooroo

This is a multifunctional application that brings together internal display capabilitiesfor ads. This way, you will be able to monitor the adsof up to ten competitors, classified by page views (numberof pageviews). The program also allows the discovery of the positioning ofeach ad and the incorporation of searches for keywords.

3. Moat

This is a free ad search tool, whichallows you to enter the brand names of your competitors and find outwhat they have shown recently. Unravel the sites and some of the placeswhere the rival ads were viewed, so you have a good idea where toput your own advertising.

4. SocialAdNinja

This software has a database with over 400,000 ads with PPC (pay per click). This is a great tool to do theoverall monitoring of advertising on social media channels. It includesrefined search capabilities so that ads canbe segmented by demographic area, among other things. There is only onemembership package of $ 147.00 per month.

5. iSpionage

Apart from having the tools to monitorads, you will have access to the tracking of terms and keywordsthat are being applied most by your competitors. This one shows you howyour market rivals are advertising on search engines like Ask,Google and Yahoo! There are also tools for search with SEO and social controlfor Twitter and Facebook.

6. KeywordSpy

Discover the most competitive keywordsusing this application. Find out how much your competitors are spendingon AdWords and what combinations of keywords and advertising copiesare working for them.

7. KeywordCompetitor

This is a software that helps spy on organic keywordsand paid ads and landing pages of your competitors, withdaily updates on rankings. It also offers resources to monitor competitorsand work with affiliate marketing.

8. SEMRush

Monitor the organic keywords as well asthe combined expressions to get great results in your PPC campaigns. There arealso SEO tools in addition to a wealth of data available from thefree search bar on the homepage, although the user has to upgrade(for $ 69.95 per month) to access more queries and results.

9. SpyFu

This software lets you see up to six years of dataon your competitors’ keywords, rankings and ads used,which can help you with your PPC and SEO campaigns for your advertising. This isa free limited tool, but you should register on the website andpay if you want to access more advanced competitive intelligence.

10. Ahrefs

This is a tool that provides tremendous wealth ofinformation on external links, domains and IPs, better pages, the main anchor textused and more. There is a free account that is limited,which covers three reports and 10 results, but for more complete data oneshould upgrade to the $ 79.00 package per month.

11. Majestic Site Explorer

This provides a detailed profile of links toany website. In addition to working with the current data, you can alsocheck your historical index in order to see the results over time.There is a limited free version. Check out who is exposing links – for bothyour websites and the competition.

12. Open Site Explorer

This is a links search engine, whichprovides page and domain information, used anchor text andmore. You can also compare connection profiles for up to five websites. It’s free, although you have access to more data from the master data entryfor the analytics application.

13. Alexa

How are people interacting withyour competitors’ websites? It is important that you discover the segmentation oftraffic that your rivals get. This software has escorted the web trafficworldfor a couple of decades, determining the ranking of websites on aglobal scale and based on ratings within each country. These sourcesmay be useful for you to create a benchmarking strategy on your website relative to your rivals.

14. SimilarWeb

This is a competition monitoring analysis tool, which provides data about traffic sources, bettercontent, social engagement and more. There is a huge amount of dataavailable in the free module, including reference websites, search traffic,and keywords, but packages – starting at $ 99.00 a month- offer even more data.

15. Google Alerts

The Google Alerts feature saves you the trouble ofvisiting your website to repeatedly perform the same searches. Create analert on this feature and stay on top of the latest news about yourcompetitors by getting everything in your email inbox. It monitorswebsites, discussions, e-books, blogs, and videos. And the best part? it’s free.

16. Mention

This is a program that combines media and social accompaniment: controls content published on web pages, news sites,blogs and forums in 42 languages. It provides social alerts in real time and hasan excellent mobile application. There is a free plan, and its upgrade comes out at$ 6.99 a month.

17. Social Mention

Social mention provides real-time search for mentions of aspecific brand in blogs, microblogs, images, videos, questions and bookmarking sites.

18. Fanpage Karma

This tool lets you enter the URL of any fan pageon Facebook and evaluate fan numbers, growth, and a host ofother performance metrics. They offer a free 14-trial versionday. The premium package includes tracking Twitter as well.

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