Where to find designer lehengas in Delhi?

Weddings are probably the most important occasions of every person’s life. You get to wear all those gorgeous, glamorous and pompous garments that you only saw in the stores, windows of the shopping malls and wore in your dreams so far. Every would-be bride dreams of a number of looks and appearances that she desires to flaunt on her D-day. However, when the time actually comes, it becomes quite difficult for her actually to think come up with the right look.

What becomes even more difficult for her is to choose between a bridal saree and a bridal lehenga. In this eternal dilemma of choice, a bridal lehenga would probably win in most of the cases as it is only once that a woman gets to wear a bridal lehenga in her life. And who wants to miss that chance? But, the question is, where to buy the best bridal lehengas for you? Not just the one for the wedding, but also for the many other occasions like mehndi, sangeet or haldi, you need lehengas that would be less grand in glamour. Whatever the requirement is, the primary choice would be to buy designer lehengas for yourself.

If you are shopping from Delhi, the variety of options won’t disappoint you. There are designer lehengas and at the same time replicas, brands and non-branded stores that sell equally beautiful lehengas, minus the tags. However, if money is not an object for you and you are biased with designer lehengas, you need to visit these places.

The HauzKhas Village:

This place, along with the local inhabitants living a simple life, is also home to a number of designer lehenga stores and boutiques. If you are looking for something exclusive, over-the-top or something traditional, something in Indo-Western or something in a fusion wear, you will have it all. The most popular stores here are Aumbre, Ole Couture, Ogaan, Rewaaz by Dolly J and A Touch of Gold.

Shahpur Jat:

Along the ruins of old houses is this small and scant place with a number of designer boutiques and stores that have the widest collection of traditional Indian designer lehengas. The stores of boutiques in Shahpur Jat that have remained the talk of the town for all these years and are still promising to stay in fashion are Monika &Nidhi, Liz Paul, 1600 AD, Bhumika Grover, Vaasvi by AkshayWadhwa, Preeti S Kapoor, House of Ombre and, of course, MadsamTinzin. These names are very popular, and you will find fashionable women naming these places often while they are in the mood to shop for themselves or for a friend’s wedding.

South Extension:

Yet another place in Delhi that is known for its front line designer stores, South Extension will quench your thirst for a designer lehenga. From heavy lehengas for serious occasions to comparatively lighter ones that you can team up with Indo-Western jackets and simple skirts later one, there are stores for almost all kinds of lehengas that you can think of.

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