Grow Impressive Muscles, Take Anavar Now!

When you visit bodybuilding websites and forums, there are loads of avant apres photos or before and after pictures shared by Anavar users. If you see them, you will be impressed! NO doubt about that. You will notice in those photos how the users lost body fat and achieved toned physique in just a short period of time. Anavar is also known to improve muscle strength which is essential to bodybuilders.

You must always remember that before you take Anavar, not everyone gets the same results like what others achieved. Like the results, side effects will also be user dependent. This is the reason why before adding Anavar to your cycle, do your research. Learn how the steroid should react with your body, the right dosage, and frequency of use, as well as the positive and negative effects.

What is Anavar?

Anavar was originally prescribed to people who need to gain weight. This is a C17-alpha alkylated oral steroid which can help you achieve lean, well-defined muscles, without water retention. This steroid is not recommended for bulking cycles since its milder compared to other bulking drugs. This is why Anavar is used for cutting to reduce water retention but some women still use it for bulking. Anavar is very popular for reducing the fatty tissues in the areas where the buildup is common like the area around the stomach, lower back, and upper legs. Through this, it is possible to see muscle growth results while losing that body fat with Anavar use.

Simple Suggestions in Taking Anavar- Half-Life, Dosage, Cycle, Stacks

  • Half-Life. Anavar has a 9-hour half-life. This is the reason why it should be taken daily for up to seven weeks. However, it is important to take this steroid with a proper diet for you to lose the body fat but retain the lean tissue that you achieved.
  • For men, it is recommended to start at 20 mg a day for seven weeks. Since this is a mild steroid, men usually up their dose to achieve more noticeable results. But for most users, a dose of 15 mg to 25 mg is per day is enough. Female should take Anavar at 5-10 mg a day up to 20mg a day. This is already the maximum dose since most women find 10mg a day enough for their cycles.
  • Anavar Only Cycle. This cycle is effective but most men would stack this steroid with other drugs for better results. Testosterone is usually combined with Anavar to balance the testosterone level of the body when suppression occurs.
  • Anavar Stacks. Anavar is usually stacked with other steroids. Stacking is a common practice in the bodybuilding circle. Because of its mild nature, Anavar is stacked with other drugs for better results and to reduce side effects. Trenbolone, Halotestin, and Proviron are the most popular drugs that are stacked with Anavar. Women also stack Winstrol, Deca-Durabolin or Primobolan to avoid virilization side effects.

Why Choose Anavar?

Before you get too excited and order your first bottle, ask yourself if you have learned enough about Anavar. Although this steroid is so popular among bodybuilders, know if this is the right steroid for you. As mentioned above, the efficacy of a drug is not the same for everybody. You can always visit forums and websites, compare feedbacks so that you can weigh is Anavar is for you.

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