How to use Mannequins as a Sale Booster

Mannequins and dress forms are the first contact your store visitor may have when he visits your store so you must make them as good as they can a  leave an impressive positive impression on customers mind. In these days mannequins are more than just a display set. They are a great tool of marketing for boutiques and store owners because they are used to attract customers and to make store environment appealing. In some of the clothing stores in usa these display sets have proven a growth rate of up to 70 percent which is enough to show its effectiveness.

Having a great and appealing display window is the key of success for boutiques and clothing stores. These display windows attract potential customers passing through your store. However having few sets of mannequins at your store is not enough. It needs proper arrangement, styling and clothing of mannequins in a unique way to make your display window artistic and attractive. Here are few tips to have a display window which can encourage potential customers to move from outside to the inside of your store.

Lighting: Using colorful lighting always help store owners to look their store dominant in market. These lights also work great on mannequins at your display window. You can use different lightings to make your mannequin collection more visible. Now a day mannequins are also available in lightning feature. These display sets glow when their lights turned on.

Diversify Your Collection: Using mannequins in diversity can make your display window more appealing and natural. Instead of using same size or gender mannequin, it’s better to use different sizes, genders and styles. This way you can attract your customers physiologically. You can also use few poseable mannequins in this section and can arrange them in different poses to make it stylish looking.

Proper Maintenance: As i have discussed before that mannequins are not only display sets. These are marketing tools for a store owner so maintaining fresh and shiny look of your mannequins is very necessary. To maintain it you must take care of your display sets regularly. You can use different cleaning chemicals and shiners to make them fresh looking.

Clothing: Clothing your mannequins is the last but most important task to make your display window attractive for customers. If you are having a big collection of mannequins and dress forms but you have not clothed them well then its all useless. Clothes are your main item which you want to promote by these display sets so your product must be latest and appealing. You can choose your most latest or top selling fashions accessories to cloth your mannequins. You must try to display only the clothes, which are latest and in fashion.

These are few tips you can consider to make your display window attractive for your customers. Hope that these tips will help you to have a great looking fashion store with an appealing collection of mannequins which can let you achieve growth in sales. .


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