4 Incredible Benefits of Chocolates!

Right from the discovery of cocoa beans to the invention of the chocolate, there have been innumerable ways in which it has been used. To start with the cocoa beans were used as a medium of exchange. Soon they became a premium drink of the connoisseurs and now the humble chocolate has merged with our lives in such a way that soon it will join the super foods league.

Chocolate cravings in adults and kids are not unknown. Whether you relish a bar of this heavenly treat, make a divine drink or bake a scrumptious chocolate cake, the taste is incomparable. Depending on your preference, you can either have milk chocolate to satisfy your sweet cravings or go for the dark variety if you are the health conscious type.

Other than just pleasing the taste buds, here is a list of ways in which chocolates are actually beneficial to us. So, build up your stock of or get the chocolates by postand here we go.

  1. Health

Research shows that dark chocolate contains certain chemicals and minerals, which, actually, are health boosters. They help in oxidation of bad cholesterol and increase longevity. Chocolates also contain antioxidants like polyphenols, which are known to delay the ageing process and keep the skin glowing.

  1. Beauty

# Chocolate Wax: This is one visit to the beauty parlour, which we often dread. Waxing to removing unwanted hair is a painful process. By using chocolate wax, the procedure is considerably less painful. It is also known to remove the tan on the skin while waxing.

# Chocolate mask: Used as a mask for the face or as body paint, chocolate with its antioxidant properties revitalizes the skin and soothes it. Melt a bar of chocolate and indulge yourself by applying a chocolate mask.

  1. Stress Busters

On one of those days when you are stressed and loaded with anxiety, munching on a bar of chocolate will alleviate your mood and beat the stress. Tryptophan, a soothing chemical for nerves present in chocolates stimulates the brain into thinking that all is well. This could well explain the reasons for craving chocolates when a person is feeling low.

  1. Aphrodisiacs

Quirky it may sound, but researchers claim that though, limited, chocolates do have an aphrodisiacal property. Well that explain why heart shaped chocolates are hot selling wares during Valentine’s.

There are many other unique ways in which you can put your favourite chocolate to use. The aroma of chocolate in itself is so appealing; it can be used to make perfume. You can even add to your soaps or lip balm in do-it-yourself preparations.

Can we forget how chocolates come to our rescue when we rack our brains while choosing that perfect gift for loved ones? Be it for a toddler, a kid or a grown up, you can get chocolates of any shape, size and flavour. The soft and velvety texture allows moulding them into any desirable shape like cartoons, animals or hearts. Gifting a box of UK chocolates is a sure shot way to mend relationships and seal the bond of love.

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