A mouth-watering potato delight

Honestly speaking, how many of us really know that there are several tasty recipes that can be made only with a potato? Yes, that’s true. This is one such vegetable that can be prepared only by itself without mutton, or chicken or paneer etc. A very popular dish is cajun potatoes that are quite tasty, and that can be prepared at home and at the same time is healthy by nature since it does not require too many spices or pickles to cook. One can say that this dish is an authentic recipe for most people generally.

Variety of this dish:  

An interesting fact about this recipe is that it has got varieties or ways of preparation. It is not like most other dishes, which have probably one way to prepare. The cajun potatoes mainly have three to four different methods of preparation which makes it a unique item. Few of those include:

Cajun Spiced Potatoes:  

This particular dish is one of the most popular dishes in the world and is prepared with amazing spices and flavours. The best thing about this dish is that it is very easily understandable for beginners and hence it can be prepared at home and enjoyed with family and friends. This is certainly not what it is prepared typically in restaurants and hence it is completely hassle-free.

Cajun Baby Potatoes:

Another tasty dish which is loved by all! This tasty recipe takes almost 30 min’s to cook and is also loved by all age groups. Whether they are kids or perhaps grownups, every person just totally loves crispy cajun baby potatoes.

Cajun Spiced Fried Potatoes:

These particular authentic as well as mouth-watering Cajun spiced deep-fried potatoes require 10 minutes for your preparation and also 30 minutes with regard to cooking. When you wish to prepare something delicious for any party or even special occasion after that Cajun-spiced fried potatoes is a good choice for you. The flavour associated with Cajun spiced fried taters is attractive and you will take pleasure in each chew of this. This dish can be prepared for as many as 6 people. You can just these Cajun-spiced fried potatoes on weekends and make an impression on your family and friends.

If you are a potato lover, like there are many, then this is perhaps the best dish than one can desire. Owing to its awesome taste, this particular dish has slowly but gradually made his own place is several Indian kitchens and is a must cook dish for almost every homemaker. This is one such dish which can be successful in very first try and after which will surely become a regular item in the kitchen. The most important factor for cooking the crispy cajun potatoes is that it consumes very less oil and also can be less spicy and will still taste nice. Hence for all those food conscious people, no worries regarding spice and oil as it is a recipe with a touch of simplicity that one can certainly enjoy.

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